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Drayton (ACL) Digistat+ 1RF Wireless Digital Thermostat


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Wireless digital thermostat

Replaces obsolete Digistat RF1 and British Gas RC1

The new wireless Digistat+1RF from Drayton Controls offers users the ability to control the temperature of their home accurately, increasing comfort and reducing energy consumption.

Featuring large buttons and a clear, easy-to-read digital display, the room thermostat allows the temperature to be adjusted in 1ºC increments, for those who prefer simple, uncomplicated heating controls.

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Good morning. What is the direct replacement for the Drayton (badged as British Gas) RC1 room thermostat? Is it a similar plug-in unit (same size)?
Many thanks.
Hi.  This is the correct one.
I have a British Gas RC Plus with a faulty display. Is the Drayton (ACL) Digistat + 1RF Wireless Digital thermostat a direct replacement
The RC Plus was programmable. So you need the 3RF model.
I have the old 1RF system with individual thermostats on each floor. Can I simply change the thermostats and they will connect with the existing system
As long as they are the 433mhz version (see the description). You will need to bind them with the receiver to make them communicate. This is a simple job.
Hi. My model has Drayton on the top left and in italics on the top right Digital 1rf wireless system . I believe I will only need no receiver version and all I will need to do is replace the old unit with the new one. Almost cannot believe for once things are straight forward! Thanks
Hi. That is correct.
I have a Baxi RF Digital single channel 7 day programmable room thermostat which is playing up (beeping) It is controlling a Baxi Duo-tec combi Would this unit be able to replace it and would I have to purchase both programmer and receiver
No, this is not programmable so isn't a suitable replacement. If it is the model with the receiver built into the boiler, then you need HCO Code 04D04
Can I use this unit to control individual thermostats in different room zones at the required set temp.
No. This is just a plain wireless thermostat.
I have a Potterton Suprima boiler installed by British Gas in 2003, with an RC1 wireless digital thermostat and a WR1 receiver. The RC1 thermostat has just broken and I think is no longer made. Can I buy an alternative and use it with my WR1 receiver, or do I have to buy a new thermostat and receiver? Thanks.
Yes, this one would be suitable. It will pair to your existing receiver, however due to the age of it, I would recommend replacing both parts. The new receiver will clip onto the backplate of the WR1 with no wiring changes.
We had a British Gas Boiler (believe re-branded Worcester) fitted approx 4 years ago, no issues until now when we have hot water but intermittent heating despite the flame icon being on at the transmitter unit. The tranmitter is a British Gas RC1 Plus can you advise whether this transmitter will be compatible with the existing receiver.
Yes it would.
I have a Drayton rf 601 the digistat is broke can I replace with an rf 701 as they use the same receiver Many thanks darren
Yes, you can.
can this unit replace a Danfoss RET230P electronic thermostat ?
You would have to install the receiver next to the timer or wiring centre, as the RET230P doesn't have a permanent live that a wireless receiver will need.
I have a Worcester Boiler with British Gas RC1 & WR1 controls The green light on rec. comes on but boiler does not fire up, could I replace both with Drayton Digistat 1RF & RECEIVER as a straight swap. What does it mean by Worcester Receivers must have issue 2 printed on the back of the rec. is that on existing rec or a new one
Yes, you can. As yours is a British Gas branded one, not a Worcester branded one then the issue 2 does not apply to you.
I have a horstmann H37XL system controlling heating. This is satisfactory. I have the downstairs control in the wrong room. I want to replace this without rewiring. Can this controller and receiver replace the standard wired thermostat . Can I just rewire the receiver in place of the exiting controller and install the transmitter where I want it. If this is not the best solution can you suggest a solution with another product you have. Many thanks.
You will not be able to replace the existing thermostat with the receiver. You will have to install the receiver next to the H37XL.
How do you set the correct time on the thermostat?
On the Drayton Digistat+ 1RF the time is not stored.
I have a BG RC1 thermostat that has coroded. Can I just replace the thermostat and pair this with the receiver in my boiler or do I need to purchase the receiver as well?
Yes you can.
We had a British Gas Worchester boiler installation with a British Gas Universal Programmable Room Thermostat Wireless Models: RF316/2256 which I believe is the ACL Drayton Digistat+ 2RF Wireless Programmable Thermostat. I dropped the thermostat and was wondering if the Digistat+ 1RF thermostat unit would work with the 2RF receptor unit. I know the 1RF is a far simpler control but would prefer that. Thanks
Yes it will.
I have an British Gas RC1 and a WR1 which keep loosing the connection between them so I have to keep resetting them. Do I need to replace both units and is the Digistat +1RF and Receiver a direct replacement. Also can I use the existing backplate without re-wireing?
I would recommend replacing both parts as it's hard to say which will be causing the problem. Yes the new receiver will plug onto the existing backplate with no wiring changes needed.
Hi My mother had a Drayton RF1 thermostat and has dropped it on the floor rendering it useless. I have read the info about this being a direct replacement as long as it runs on a frequency of 433mhz. You have referred to the branding being the indicator of this. Can you please confirm where the branding will be displayed so I can ask my mother to check over the telephone? I don't live close by so I am trying to make this purchase on her behalf, without a visual on the equipment. I just want to make sure she is looking in the right place. Is it just the branding on the front of the thermostat and receiver? So, if it has ACL in an octagon before the word Drayton it's not going to be compatible, but if it doesn't then we are in the clear and it will work. Is that right? Thanks in advance.
Yes, it is the branding on the front of the units. Yes, if the has the older one with the ACL in an octagon she will need to replace both parts.
I have a British Gas RC1 room stat & UP1 receiver running a Gloworm 30hxi boiler I think the stat has seen its last days Can I replace just the stat with 1RF stat without making any other adjustments? The heating system was installed 11years ago
Yes you can.
have a British Gas RC Plus digital thermostat and a WR1 receiver. The digital thermostat is not working properly and needs replacing. Will any of your products be compatable?
This is compatible.
Morning My children have moved into a flat which has a Semia Condens F24E / F30E with a dialed thermostat within the boiler. Is the receiver a direct replacement for the dialed thermostat ?
No, you will keep the thermostat on the front of the boiler, as it determines how hot the radiators get. This 1RF thermostat will switch off the boiler when the house is up to temperature. So you will need to use both thermostats together for best effect.
I have a drayton scr and thermostat. We've lost the thermostat during renovations. Do we have to replace the scr and thermostat or just the thermostat. Also if replacing the scr could I just replace the front and reuse the back plate?
Yes you can replace just the thermostat. If you did want to replace the SCR you can reuse the back plate.
I have a Drayton RF1 wireless room stat and scr running a vaillant combi boiler. The wireless stat was knocked onto a hard floor and no longer works, even with new batteries. Is this new stat compatible with the current scr or do I need to replace the stat and the scr?
Provided it works on 433mhz (please see link in product description), then yes it is.
Hi I have an ideal logik combi boiler And at the moment we are controlling The temperature from the front control panel of the boiler. I have bought the wireless thermostat but could you tell me if it is compatible with my boiler thanks Tom
Yes it is.
Hi, we have a British gas RC1 digital thermostat and a WR1 receiver. The wireless thermostat has stopped working. Do we need to replace both components or can be just get a new thermostat? Thanks, Viki
You can replace just the thermostat but depending on the age maybe best to replace both, as a pack is much cheaper.
Hi I have a one off these of the same design but it has British Gas in the display window. The LCD is faulty on mine and the markings on the inside are Model no 31000 MFR 37/08 WP : 38 Software V21.0.and 6309149001 is n F , UT RF , 5516545 35-08. The question is this ACL Drayton Thermostat a direct replacment for my one were i only change the room stat with the faulty LCD. Regards Martin
Yes it is.
I have a 6 years old drayton digistat RF1 Now faulty , can you use the same back plate to save rewiring , thank you
The backplate design has not changed, so the new receiver will simply plug on without any wiring changes.

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