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Drayton (ACL) Digistat+ RF Wireless Thermostat


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Wireless digital thermostat

Draytons stylish new Digistat-Plus RF with tactile, audible & visual feedback. Featuring a familiar dial control with a digital display to show that the temperature has been set accurately every time.

The Digistat+RF wireless system provides a cost effective solution to the problems encountered during the installation of a standard wired room thermostat.

Also known as British Gas T4RF

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Our Digistat RF601 Room Thermostat needs replacing. The SCR unit appears to be working correctly.

Can I replace just the Room Thermostat? If so would I need to re-pair the new room thermostat to the existing SCR unit?
Yes you can.  You will just need to re-pair it with your existing receiver.

Is the 31003 transmitter compatible with the receiver on a DT20RF Worcester boiler?
Yes, as long as it is 'issue 2' (made in the last approx 15 years).
Hi, Will a Drayton Digistat +RF (RF601 Part 30002) work with a Worcester Bosch DT20RF receiver or do I need Part 31003? The boiler (Greenstar Junior 28i Combi MK III) was installed in 2010. I do not know the Issue number of the DT20RF receiver (The DT20RF manual is dated 02.2009. I do know it operates at 433Mhz. Regards Peter Lockwood
Hi. Yes, the 30002 will work fine.
Our Digistat R+ Thermostat needs replacing. Both the thermostat and receiver have iflo on them, but the receiver just has DigitalSCR. Do I need to replace both?
No. You can replace just the thermostat and bind it into the existing receiver.
I already have an RF601SX fitted which seems to have an intermittent fault can I use the existing wired in receiver back plate and connect the new receiver discarding the new back plate
Yes you can.
Does the receiver have a manual override to ensure the boiler will work in the event of the Roomstat failure e.g. batteries failing etc.
Yes it does.
Is this compatable with a Remeha Avanta Plus?
Yes it is.
Will the receiver replace a British Gas T4RF model and will it be on the same RF frequency as the existing British Gas WR1 room thermostat.
Yes it will. It will have the same frequency and work the same.
Can I do a straight swap from an RTS1 to an RF601 (using the same backplate that's wired in).
No, you will need to add a permanent mains connection for the RF601 receiver.
will this work with a Worcester DT20RF boiler? do I need a new drayton receiver as well as the thermostat or will this thermostat work with the receiver already on the boiler?
As long as it has "Issue 2" on the back of the receiver, you will not need to change the receiver - it will connect to your existing one.
I have a Vaillant EcoMax 835E boiler with analogue time clock controls on front facia but no wired / remote room thermostat controls. Do Drayton have a suitable boiler control that fits in place of the analogue timer with pin connections and a wireless room thermostat ? Thanks.
I'm afraid not. However you can use this and just wire into the thermostat terminals on the boiler (4 connections)
Hi Can you tell me if your digistat will work with a Worcester bocsh 2.8 Junior boiler Robert
Yes it will.
Can I use this to replace a Iflo Digistat Plus RF Wireless Room Thermostat please ?
Yes you can,
I need to replace both a "British Gas RC1" and British Gas WR1" (one or possibly both of them is faulty). The Drayton SCR looks to be an identical replacement for the BG WR1. Is the ACL Drayton Digistat the new direct replacement for the old BG RC1 ? Should I be considering any other alternative Drayton models for direct replacement of the British Gas branded thermostat controls? Thanks.
This model is ideal for replacing your British Gas controls.
I have been told by drayton that my Digistat SCR needs replacing but that the thermostat sounds fine- so I have ordered the receiver only from your website but I just wanted to check I've understood the compatibility okay. Our SCR looks exactly like the one on your photos ie says drayton in the top left hand corner (no ACL logo)- I've assumed it is therefore the newer 433mhz one and our thermostat will be compatible? is this correct?
Yes it is.
I need to replace my Drayton digistat thremostate . Do I have to replace the scr receiver also as this part seems ok
You will not need to replace the receiver if your existing one works on 433mhz. Please see the link below.

>Please click here for important information regarding compatibility with older ACL Drayton RF units

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