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Drayton (ACL) Lifestyle LP711 Timeswitch

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LP711 - 7 day timeswitch
For enhanced levels of combi control LP711 gives theend user real flexibility with programming. With astandard weekday/weekend programme built in settingof each day\'s timings can be changed individually ifrequired. Ideal where living patterns vary during the week.

* Complete with new backplate
* Now even easier to use
* 1hr boost facility
* Automatic summer/winter timechange
* Memory saver - programme and clock never need resetting in the event of loss of power
* Easy to read backlit screen
* New contemporary design
* Pre-set clock
* On/once/timed/off switching options
* 3 timing periods per day
* Programme advance buttons
* Part L Compliant (Part J in Scotland)
* Proven reliability
* 2(1)A SPDT Volt-Free contacts
* Dimensions: 93x148x31mm HxWxD

Replaces (same backplate and wiring for easy changeover):
Drayton SM1, Lifestyle LP111
British Gas UT1, UT2, EMT2
ACL Lifestyle LS111, LS711

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It is a single channel timer, so only has one output.  The LP722 would be a better option.

Hi, I have bought the Drayton LP711 to replace a Siemens Rwb27. Replacing the the previous backplate and the unit with the Drayton results in hot water coming on fine. Central heating timer activates at appropriate time but central heating doesn't come on. It doesn't cause the boiler to fire up. Could it be the P G setting on the rear of the timer? The instructions say switch to appropriate P or G. We don't have gravity fed so need it on the 'P'. There is no switch to change this I can see the contacts through a hole in the plastic but there is nothing to contact, touch them. Should there be a switch or something to move?? Thank you. Dennis TN
Hi. The LP711 only has one output, so there is no Pumped/Gravity setting. This sounds like a loose or incorrectly installed wire.
I have a worcester combi boiler with a british gas ut1 heating control.I want to replace the ut1.Is the drayton lp711 compatable?
Yes it is.
Will this replace Invensys SM1 (10yr old)without changing the backplate?
Yes it will.
Hi, I have an old Gloworm Compact boiler with a Potterton digital timeswitch. We're revamping the kitchen so we want something more modern - it's only the timer that is on show the boiler is hidden. Would this product be suitable? We're getting a spark in to rewire it.
Hi. As long as it is the combi version of the compact, then the LP711 will be fine.
I have an LS711 model for a heating system which has stopped working. Is the LP711 the best replacement and will I need to change the back plate and/or wiring?
Yes. A simple swap onto the existing backplate with no wiring changes.
I have a valiant combi boiler with a switchmaster programmer sm 300 will I be able to fit lp711 timeswitch by using the same back plate thank you
You will need to replace the backplate, but it will connect to the same 4 wires.
Is the lp711 compatable with the backplate of sm1 and what advantages has it over the lp111?
Yes, it is. It has the advantage of allowing different times for each day of the week.
Will I be able to replace two worn out ACL Lifestyle LP711 timers by plugging into the backplate on the existing timers which have been in place for about 15 years controlling the heating in a Methodist church. Because of the way the system works they tend to get adjusted on a weekly basis and the buttons are sticking. In addition the on board battery is no longer holding the program when power is removed.
Yes you can
Hi would this be a good replacement for a drayton tempus 1
Yes it would.
Can you wire a room thermostat into the timeswitch
Yes you can.
I have just bought a Firebird enviromax combi boiler which has no timer is the LP711 suitable if so are there any instructions on how to wire it in. Thanks
It is suitable, but you will need a thermostat as well to comply with the regulations. A programmable thermostat would be an easier solution to install. A wiring diagram will be in your boiler manual.
Hi...hav oil central heating system and already hav old drayton programme control but needs changing...its my mums and shes old and dont want 1 thas to complicated i need 1 in a fee weeks also for my renovated house! Which control do i need the LP711 or yhe other 1? Just wana b a able set timer to come on am & pm but like the boost or advance button it puts heating on for 1 hour is that correct? Can i do the boost or advance for heating also seperate from the heating? All info helpful Thanks Adrian
If you have a combi boiler, with the hot water on demand straight from the boiler, then you need the LP711. If you have a heat-only boiler, with a hot water cylinder, then you need the LP722. The heating is separate from the hot water. Yes, the boost puts it on for an hour.
Can you use this as a timer for an immersion heater? Wondered if it had a maximum amp rating?
No, it is not suitable. It is rated 3(1)amps only.
I have an LP 711 timer, how does / do you operate the 1 hour boost / override for the central heating. it does not make this clear in the instructions
If yours is the latest model with the boost function then you just press and hold the boost/advance button in. If it is the older model, then you will need to upgrade.
is the LP711 compatible to replace British Gas control EMT2 & is it easy to replace or should I call an Electrician ?
Yes, it is a simple plug-on replacement. A 5-minute job.
I have 3 separate LS711 controllers to operated two heating zones and one for domestic hot water. They are late 1988 vintage so have done well - and cease to work. What is the current replacement for this model and do I need to change any wiring. Thank you
You will need the LP711: You will have to make a link on the old backplate, but this is a simple job.
Hi, I have a Glowworm 24CI with a fauly timer. How easy would it be to replaceit with the LP711 unit? Will I have to re-wire the boiler, and is it a job that can be carried out by an amature, or will it need to be professionally installed?
You will need to wire it in to the thermostat terminals on the boiler and set your existing timer to constant.
In our recently aquired home we have an LP711.4 timer switch but no instructions to alter the settings, can I download this onformation from somewhere??
Please see download tab on page.
Hi, we have an old style LP711 and the clock is showing the incorrect time - how can I change this as we want to be able to put the timer on the twice function but with the incorrect time showing this is very difficult to do thanks Jill
Press the SET? button until you see SET CLOCK?. Press YES once, and then the hour will start to flash. Use the – and + buttons to set the hour, checking for AM and PM. Press SET?, and the minutes will start to flash. Use the – and + buttons to set the exact time. Press SET?, and ‘SET DATE?’ appears in the display. If you don’t want to change the date press SET? to go back to normal operation
Good morning I have a LP711 the screen is not fully working what can I do? Do I have to replace it all or there is a way to fix it? Many Thanks
I'm afraid you will need to replace it all.
i have a worcester greenstar25si looks like a dodgy programmer from british gas model ut2 what would you recommend customer has little money so i cant charge a lot to fit need one thats easy. had a look at the acl drayton you say it requires a link to be fitted? is this a straight swap over? graham
This is a straight plug-on replacement for the British Gas UT2. No wiring or backplate changes needed. A very simple 2 minute job.
Hi i have an old servowarm boiler...the timer switch has stopped.working... it has number LS 111 on it... can i use your switch in its place? if so is it a simple case of wiring it in? thanks
Yes you can. It is a simple swap, you will just need to put a link on the backplate, and plug it on.
I have a 7 year old LP711. The screen does not show anything, but the light stays on and the red light is on as well. How do I re-set it? Holding Set & + doesn't fix it.
Sounds like it needs to be replaced.
hi, l have the lp711, is it possible to have the hot water on timed without the heating. many thanks
No, you will need to achieve it by turning your room thermostat right down.
Hi. I have a British gas emt timer which has packed up. Have checked and seems to be a drayton sm1? Can I use one off these digital ones instead? Will it mount onto my original backplate? Are they universal many thanks
Yes this will clip onto the existing backplate with no wiring changes needed.
I need to replace my boilers timer it is a British Gas Model UP1 could you recommend one for me that has the same back plate .
We recommend the LP722.
i have a3year old combi boiler worcester heatslave 18/25 i would like to fit a drayton lp711 timeswich what size cable should i need/ many thanks john.
0.5mm 4-core would be suitable.
How do you adjust GMT, the timer has not adjusted automatically, the clock does not show the right time after the time change at the weekend.
Press the SET? button until you see SET CLOCK?. Press YES once, and then the hour will start to flash. Use the – and + buttons to set the hour, checking for AM and PM. Press SET?, and the minutes will start to flash. Use the – and + buttons to set the exact time. Press SET?, and ‘SET DATE?’ appears in the display. If you don’t want to change the date press SET? to go back to normal operation. If you do, go on to the next section.

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