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Drayton MA1 Actuator

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Replacement Actuator

Suitable the following Motorised Valves:
Drayton MA1/679-3 MA1/779-3
British Gas BGMVSP-23.

Drayton part number 27651

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I'm looking for a replacement Drayton actuator for a Hansen Class "F" one that has failed. Do you stock these or a compatible one. Alan Cooke
The Hansen motor is used in all models. Assuming the cover is missing from yours, please let us know: *How the actuator is removed from the body *2 or 3 port valve body *Colours of wires And we will help identify it.
hi is this a direct replacement for the British Gas BGMVSP-23. Britshis Gas NPC Code : 555312
Hi. Yes it is.
Does this come with instruction for fitting? Or does it need a electrician to fit it?
It comes with instructions
Hi -after a MA1 for a 3 port - Mid actuator - is this the correct one?
Hi. Yes it is.
Drayton Ma1/6793 six wire actuator and valve. Is this a direct replacement for the three way valve fitted to the Worcester Heatslave 26/32 combi oil boiler. Thanks.
I'm afraid not. You will need to check if you have the earlier model with the ACL diverter or the later one with the Honeywell diverter before we can offer a suitable replacement.
I have an ACL actuator marked model A679B316-52L0 will this replacement actuator fit for this application? Many thanks.
I'm afraid not.
I have 25+ yr old tower flue mid position value t679b340 does fit ?
I'm afraid not. You will need to replace the whole valve.
I want to replace faulty 3 part value Actuctor. My present value is BSMVSP-23 British Gas NPC code 555312. I don't know if 22 or 28 mm? Does it matter and does it have the wires attached? I have a white clip and push connector. Kind Regards Andrew
It doesn't matter. the actuator will fit either part. Yes it has the cable attached. It is just bare ends on the cable, so you would need to fit the old connector to the new actuator.
Hi a customer has what I believe to be a faulty mid position valve. It’s code is BGMVSP-23 with a brutish gas code of 555312. Is your ACL Drayton MA1 actuator a straight replacement with out changing the valve? Thank you.
Yes it is.
Imhave a problem with the original BGMVSP-23 actuator. It seems to stick if I give it a tap it moves. Is this replacement likely to solve the problem? Cheers. Tony
It sounds like a loose connection that would be solved by a new actuator.
We are looking to replace a mid position valve. It's a 4 wired valve. Code - BGMVSP-23 Is the MA1 actuator a 4 wire valve?
Yes, it is 4-wire + earth. It's a direct replacement for the BGMVSP-23
Hi is this the direct replacement for a ACL lifestyle 679H340 30L0 5 wire actuator?
No, the 679H340-30L0 is a fixed head valve, you will need to change the whole valve.
Please advise if there is any sort of guarantee provided with this actuator.
It has a warranty which is the longer of 18 months from date of manufacture, or 1 year from date of purchase.
Hi, I`m no expert, but I think I may have a faulty actuator as there seems to be a fair bit of `clicking` sounds in certain w/m/h change situations,with quite a heated motor as well. So as I think the valve is ok,is this the right part to order to replace a 3port MA-1 22mm Drayton actuator (as I don`t need the valve), and I noticed my existing unit has the wiring soldered in, so does a new purchase come with the lead from the actuator to wire into the terminals unit ? Thanks a lot for your assistance Tim McD
Yes this is the correct part. It comes with a 1m cable attached, so you change the connections at the wiring centre.

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