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Drayton (ACL) MA1/679-3 Mid-Position Motorised Valve

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MA1/679-3 (Mid-Position) 3 port 22mm

Drayton motorised valves now feature removable actuators which simplify installation and future servicing.

No tools are required to fit the actuator to the body as it simply clicks into place.

To remove just press the release button and lift the actuator from the body.

Replaces (Same wiring dimensions and thread for a direct swap) for:
ACL Drayton Lifestyle 679H340-30L0 (679H340-3OLO)
Drayton Flowshare 2
British Gas MV22M
Barlo 3PV-1 3PV-2

Drayton part number 27101

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I currently have a Danfoss HSA3 fitted that has failed (heating only, no hot water).
Can I replace it with this instead? This seems better as it has a manual override which the Danfoss doesn't (I mean I can't select hot water only), and this seems like a bit of an upgrade.
You will need to replace the valve body to fit the Drayton.  However, if it is stuck on heating only it may be because the valve body is stuck so needs replacing anyway.  Neither unit allows you to override into hot water only, as they have a spring to return them to this position.

Make sure your existing valve is 22mm before ordering this one.

I have an ACL Lifestyle Mid-Position Valve 22mm 679H34030L0 which I need to replace. Please could you let me know which is the replacement valve for this. Thanks
This is the correct one.

I need to replace the actuator and plug it into a Simp-L-Fit box. Can you supply this actuator wired to relevant plug?
I'm afraid not.  I would recommending using HCO Code 11C13 to connect the old plug to the new actuator.

I’ve read all the questions and answers and I have the same problem in that I have the all non removal head version. The only part that is broken, is the plastic arm under all the motorised parts. I have the entire actuator stripped and I could put it all back together if I could just take the plastic part from the MA1 and put it into the acl. don’t suppose that’ just the plastic parts are the same in both?
I have heard of it being done, but due to product development, I cant guarantee Drayton has not changed them. The fixed head ones are so old, that it really is best to just change the whole valve.
I have a faulty 679h340-3olo actuator, I know the MA1 is incompatible but could it be adapted to fit the 679h340-3olo valve body? I'm trying to avoid the expense of an engineer visit to drain down the system to fit a complete new unit.
I'm afraid not. If it is only the motor that has failed, you can change just that.
When CH & Hot water programmed to come on together it only heats up the radiators and not hot water! The only way to heat the hot water is to have the controller switch the water on separately? Is this a valve problem and if so can I change the valve without draining the system?
Assuming it previously worked (not a wiring problem), then it does sound like the actuator will need replacing. A drain is not required to change the actuator.
Does this come with wiring?
Yes it come with a 1m cable.
Hi. The boiler works on the hot water setting but will not turn the central heating on. Room thermostat is working but the Drayton Mid Position Valve does not move to heating. I can move it manually to the mid position and I get hot water and central heating. Will the MA1/679-3 replace the 679H340-30L0 and can this be done with out touching the pipe Work? Just changing the top electric bit? How is it removed? Thank you. Regards David
It will replace it, but you will need to drain down and replace the whole valve. However, it sounds like it could just be the Synchron motor inside. You can change that without draining down. HCO code 02E02.
My very old (perhaps 16 years) Drayton mid position actuator has the code MA1 written on it rather than MA1/679-3. Should I order the MA1/679-3? I actually intend just replacing the electrical top bit without touching the pipework.
If the pipework is 22mm, then it will be the MA1/679-3 The MA1 actuator is available on its own. HCO code 23D03
further to last question - when CH only is activated via the controller ( with room thermostat turned up) nothing happens. When HW is activated the boiler comes on and the valve stays on HW only . When both are activated it is the same as just HW being activated.
For CH only, both the white and grey wires should be 230v. For CH and HW, white only should be 230v. If that is what the valve is receiving, then it sounds like the valve has failed.
I have 679H340-30L0 in my system and the boiler will no longer activate if only on CH setting on controller. ( it activates if HW is set to on on the controller) The system behaves as if the room thermostat is not activating but I have checked all the wiring and the thermostat and control unit and it seems to all be fine. The only wiring path I can find to activate the boiler and pump via the CH setting is through the thermostat ( the voltage is getting that far) then via the mid position valve to the main wire to the pump and boiler. There is no voltage there. So would I be correct in assuming that a fault in the mid position valve could be causing the boiler to not activate on CH setting? If so what is easiest way to fix? thanks
If the valve moving to the CH only position? If so, then it sounds like the microswitch in the valve has gone and it needs to be replaced.
Will this part replace the diverter valve on my Worcester Highflow 3.5 boiler and would I be able to just replace the valve head so I don't have to drain the system again
You will need the ZA5/679-3 instead.
I have a British Gas MV22M with a dodgy actuator (valve is fine). Can I remove the actuator from this and replace the British Gas one or does the whole assembly (valve and actuator) need to be replaced.
If it is the later version with the push-button-release actuator, then you can. If it is the older one, then you will need to replace the whole valve.
Does this unit replace BGMVSP BG 555312 , please, Also does this include the head and valve or just the head ? Thank you
Yes, as long as your existing one is 22mm. Both head and valve body are included.
is it possible to put the valve section on the wrong way round? (ie wrong way flow)... i fitted the whole unit and now when i put the hot water on the heating come on as well? many thanks
Check the manual lever has popped out, and is still not in the manual (mid) position.
Does the actuator come supplied with the valve as shown in the illustration?
Yes it does,
Hi currently have a Worcester Bosch 280 rsf with the diverter valve stuck on hot water only and the part number on this valve is 280H314-22LO is this suitable replacement? Thankyou
I'm afraid not. If you email with a photo, the pipe size, and number of wires, we can recommend a suitable valve.
Hi, would this be a direct replacement for my Landis & Gyr MAV-322 i.e. physical size, threads, wiring etc? If not, do you stock a suitable direct replacement? Thanks in advance.
Yes it would.
could you tell me what the warranty is in this and how I would get support/replacement if it fails within that period.
It has a 1 year warranty. You would need to return it to us.
Hi, we currently have part no. 679H340-30L0 which has got stuck on hot water only, so I need to replace. I note that your ACL Drayton MA1/679-3 is a suitable replacement. Can you tell me is this a straight swap or do I need to purchase anything else and is it easy to change/swap. Thank-you for any help.
Hi. It is a straight swap, you will not need anything else. It is a fairly easy swap, you will need to drain the system first.
Purchased the MA1/697-3 mid position valve from Heating Controls Online. Plumbing all good. Wiring to replicate the original old Barlo Valve. Or powering up the system, the valve remains in the central position and both Heating and hot water warm up Okay. However, I cannot get the valve to change to heating only, or Hot Water only. Cannot move the W-M-H lever to move at all. With all power off - still cannot move lever. The instruction refer to a manual override with lock. Mine does not seem to have such a position. Question 2. With the Actuator removed, the valve spindle from rest will only turn manually in one direction about 30 degrees. Is this correct?
The one marked WMH on the side is a position indicator only. The lever is on the end is the manual override (opposite end to the cable entry). you will need to push it in and across slightly. It should then pop out to go into automatic mode.
Hi, I have just brought this item from you about a month ago,at the moment the valve is sliding over to the CH side and not moving to the hot water side, heating is nice and hot. when I set the heating and hot water to on, the lever stays on the CH, what I need to know is, could this happen if I have the water flow the wrong way round or is it a faulty switch ?
Hi. If you can safely do so, check the wiring. For mid-position, only the white wire should have 230v on it. If the grey wire has 230v on it as well, then that would suggest a problem with the wiring or another control.
Are you selling BOTH parts of the valve?
Yes, that's correct.
The old acl Lifestyle 3 port valve has a part No. 679H340-30LO. The motor and gears in the control unit were defective. In order to separate the control unit from the actual copper valve, it was necessary to remove two screws. Will it be possible to fit a new Drayton control unit that I understand now only clips on to the old valve?
No. I'm afraid you will need to change the valve as well.
assuming ACL Drayton(invensys) MA1/679~3 Mid-Position Motorised 3 Port Valve is direct replacement for existing acl life-style 679H340 30 LO 22mm do I need to replace Valve and actuator and what does W M H stand for on actator face?
You will need to replace both valve and actuator. WMH stands for Water, Mid-Position and Heating. It indicates the position of the valve.
Hi is a ma16793 a direct replacement for a bgmvsp-23.
Hi. As long your BGMVSP-23 is 22mm.
I have a broken drayton ma1 but I dont see any other reference numbers on it . Its def a 3 port and clip on /off model. Is this the direct replacement and are these brand new or refurbished.
As long as it is 22mm, then this is the one you need. All our products are brand new.
Hi, I have read that this is a direct replacement for Lifestyle 679H340-30L0. 1. Can I easily remove the old one (e.g. will system need draining, how many screws etc.); 2. Does the MA1 simply 'click' back in the place of the old one? Regards and thanks.
You will need to drain the system, and then remove the 3 nuts connecting the pipes to the valve. The new valve will fit directly in place, the existing nuts will screw onto it. Be careful that a A/B sides matches the direction of your previous valve. The new head will then click onto the new valve. The wiring of the new head is exactly the same as the old one.
I want to replace a acl Lifetyle Mid-position valve 22mm Ref 679H340 30L0 that has a aux micro switch. Does this have the switch as well
Yes it does.
Re my last question, do I need a plumber and electrician or just an electrician?
Most plumbers will be happy to do the electrics as well. Look for someone who describes themselves as a "Heating Engineer"
I have a lifestyle mid position valve with the number 679H 340 3OLO on it. Will this fit and is it easy to swap?, thanks
Yes it is the replacement. The thread and gap in pipework is the same. The wiring is also the same. So it's a fairly simple swap.
Does the Drayton MA1/679 3 mid position valve have similar wiring to the Honeywell V4073A1039, 3 way midposition valve?
Yes it is the same.
Hello, will this replace a 280H314-22LO valve? Thank you.
I'm afraid not.
Is the valve for the ACL Lifestyle 679H34O 2OLO the same as the valve for the MA1 in so much that the removable actuator will clip on top of an existing valve? Many Thanks Keith
I'm afraid not, you will need to change the whole valve.
Hi I've got a iflo mid position actuator that needs the valve replacing its a 3 way and 22mm would this be suitable?
Yes it would.
I would like to mount the valve in a slightly different position. The head which is normally at 12:00 on the clock would be mounted at 3:00 on the clock. Is this allowable and are there any problems associated with it. Do you have a technical drawing showing the various mounting positions. I look forward to your reply. Oliver
It must be mounted so any leaks run away from the electrical actuator. So 2:59 would be fine, but between 3:00 and 9:00 is not.
I have a British Gas installed valve and actuator. Actuator Part No BGMVSP-23. I believe this part you are selling is a direct replacement, please confirm.
Yes, assuming you have the 22mm version.
Would the above replace the following: acl Drayton lifestyle mid-position valve Volts 240 Hz 50 Watts 6 22 mm 679H340-30L0 max temp 52 deg C max press 125 psi max fuse 3A [number on side: 380-1681] Many thanks
Yes it will.
I have 679340-30LO which you say is a straight swap with MA1/679-3 but is this a replaceable type for the future. Or can I do a straight swap with ZA3/679-3 which is definitely a replaceable type?
Yes the MA1/679-3 is a replaceable type. The ZA3/679-3 is not a suitable replacement for your existing valve.
Hi I have an old Worcester Bosch 3.5 BF BOiler inside is a diverter valve. Model. A679B316-52LO Rated a 200Psi system pressure Supplied by Appliance Components Ltd Morortrol - Maidenhad. Three wire version. Is the ACL Drayton (Ivensys) valve a straight replacement Regards Peter
I'm afraid not, that type of valve is not made anymore but you can replace the synchron motor inside:
Hi...Have 22mm Mid Position Valve with 3 setting positions....Question re settings is W = Warm M = Medium H = Hot/High can you confirm or advise Many Thanks
They are W (Hot Water) - H (Heating) - M (Mid-Position i.e. both). It simply shows the position the valve is in.
Whats the difference between a drayton mid position valve 679h340 -30L0 and a draytonMa1 /679 3 port valve ?
They are the same except the MA1/679-3 has a replaceable head, but the old 679H340-30L0 had a non replaceable head.
Would this valve replace drayton flowshare 2 plumbing not a problem, but is wiring exactly the same ie colours
Yes it is.
I have a mv22m is the motorised valve above a direct replacement as I only want to change the electrical component not the whole valve
If there is a button on the side of your existing powerhead to remove the powerhead, then you can change just the powerhead. If it is the older model without the button, you will need to replace the whole valve.
Hi I can't tell from the picture but does this valve have the 3 settings of H, M and W? I need this one not the newer 2 setting model. Thanks
Yes it does.
I have the old type ACL Lifestyle, does this new unit include the brass valve?
Yes it includes both parts
Got one of these that was fitted in about 1990 or so. Now having problems with the actuator, do you sell just the actuator as a direct replacement or will I need to replace whole unit including valve? Model number is ACL Lifestyle 679H340 30L0
Sorry to say you will need to replace the whole unit including valve.
The valve I have was fitted in 1990 and is badged ACL Lifestyle Model 22mm 679H340 30L0 It has a lever on the bottom and a switch on the side 3 positions. I assume the ACL Drayton (Invensys) pictured on your site a direct replacement? I have photos of the old one if you need to see it. It has 3 pipes entering/leaving the valve. regards and thanks
Yes it will be a direct replacement.
how easy is it to remove my old ACL lifestyle mid position valve and replace with this?
As long as you are comfortable draining and refilling the system, it is very simple. All the dimensions and threads are the same, so you can reuse the existing nuts. The wiring is also identical.

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