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Drayton (ACL) RTS1 Room Thermostat

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Also known as British Gas RS1

The RTS range of thermostats utilise electronic sensing to provide accurate temperature control


  • Setting Range 10°C - 30°C
  • Range Limiting stops
  • Set point locking
  • Surface or conduit box mounting
  • Double insulated
  • SPST 2(1)A contacts
  • Differential <0.6°C at 4°/hour
  • Dimensions 86x86x37mm HxWxD




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A Potterton PRT2 has a brown wire loop from Com to TL terminals. Where would this loop connect on RTS1?

Thank you.
The loop is not needed on the RTS1.
Existing thermostat is Potterton PRT2. Is there a suitable alternative?
Yes, this will be suitable.
Hello I have a British Gas thermostat model RS2 which needs replaced which model do I replace with thanks
Hi  This one would be suitable.

hi i purchased your RTS1 thermostat to replace my old Honeywell T6360B 1028 when i removed the Honeywell it only had 2 wires (Live and Neutral) yours seems to need 3 wires is there any way yours will work with only 2 wires or do i need a different model thanks.
Hi. I'm afraid not. You will need a 2-wire thermostat like the Siemens RAA21 or a digital thermostat.
Hi I am replacing my old ACL TS142 with a Drayton RTS1, can you advise if the terminal 3 is the heating load connection. thank you
Hi. Terminal 3 on the RTS1 is the heating load.
I have a ACL TS142 thermostat which needs replacement do you have a direct easy to replace model?
If it is controlling a gas or oil boiler, then this RTS1 would be suitable.
should the thermostat be placed in the main living room
Every property is different, but the main living room is normally a good place for the thermostat.
Can this stat work with a remote hard wired sensor in a bathroom?
I'm afraid it does not have a facility for a remote sensor.
I have an old ACL THERMOSTAT that was working when we moved in 26 years ago and still works but the wife wants to have a new one so it looks better on the wall by the front door. THE DIMENSIONS ARE 2 3/4 INCHES SQUARE AND THE DIAL IS SMALL 1 1/4 DIAMETER . What of the ACL DAYTONS WOULD BE THE DIRECT REPLACEMENT
Please let us know the model number of the one you are replacing. Or email us a photo to
Hi, when I am clicking the dial round it isn't clicking on at all. How can I check too see what the fault is?
You will need to check to see if the RTS1 is receiving power. If not, then the fault is likely to be with the timer.
i need to replace my room thermostat --- model TS142--what can i buy as a direct replacement
If it is controlling a gas or oil boiler, the RTS1 is suitable as a replacement for the TS142.
Hi, I need to replace a 15 year old Landis & Staefa stat. It has red, yellow and earth wires connected plus a blue wire that isn't connected. will this work?. Thanks.
You will need that blue wire to be a neutral for the RTS1 to work. It will also need to be a gas or oil boiler that it is controlling.
I have an RS1 thermostat which fails to respond to low temperature settings and I am thinking of replacing it with a two wire battery operated thermostat. I believe the RS1 is a three wire stat, how do I connect the two wire stat? Many thanks.
You will need to isolate the neutral.
Hi , I moved recently and find out that I have no thermostat at the moment for my oil burner that is exactly the same kind of oil burner as the one where i lived before and i had dayton thermostat before , can i set this one up ? And if yes do u have any diy video link or something ?Btw i have that controller to turn on and off the heating
Please let us know the make/model of the burner you have and we will check for you. In many cases it is easier to fit a wireless thermostat.
will this thermostat be a direct replacement for a british gas rs1 that I currently have.
Yes, it will.
have a british gas rsl, the stat doesn't click manually, there are three pins on the back, is this the correct replacement please?
Yes it is,.
I have a ACL TS142 room stat which I can't adjust anymore, it's over 30 years old, will this replace it? and if not can you recommend another?
As long as it is on a system with a gas or oil fired boiler it will be fine. If it controlling electric radiators or warm air system, then you will need a 16amp thermostat.
My current thermostat is playing up (doesn't cut in when minimum temperature is reached and has to be manually set to kick the heating on). I have an old ACL Drayton Thermostat which looks almost identical to this one except the logo is ACL Drayton. There no other model details on the outside. Will this one replace it or do I need to provide more infomration?
There will be a sticker on the back of the unit with the model number. You will need to check this says RTS1.
I have a potteron RS40 boiler and want to change the room 4 wire thermostat, can I use an Drayton RTS8 2 wire room thermostat?
No. if your existing one is 4-wire then you will need another 4-wire one. Please let us know the make/model of your existing thermostat and we will recommend a replacement.
Will this thermostat replace a 17 year old drayton digistat 1 with no electrical work required.if not which model do I need.
No you will need a 2-wire thermostat like the Siemens RAA21.
I have a British Gas RS1 thermostat in hallway. Yesterday would not click on for heating. Radiators stayed cold. About 3 hours later heating came on and I was able to adjust temperature. However this morning cannot turn heating on as thermostat will not click on. The green light is off. The central heating system is new with new radiators but thermostat is from the original system. Will this mean a replacement thermostat? Kind Regards, Diane Howitt
It could mean a failed thermostat, or a failed timer.
I have a RS1 and EMP2 the heating keeps on after gone past turn off 10pm last night still going 2.30 this morning RS1 turned down to 10 some times won't click on or off will I need both replacements Thank Alec
It sounds more like a faulty motorised valve.
Hi, is the BG RS1 for use with a combi boiler? Thanks
It depends on the boiler. If the boiler has 230v switching for the controls, then yes. If it is low voltage switching, then no.
Will this replace a British Gas rs1? Using the back plate already on the wall ie no electric work needed to fit?
Yes it will.
How do you get Bg RS1 off wall7
Loosen the screw at the bottom. It then hinges up. Switch the electric off first.
Hi, Is this thermostat compatible with a British gas Model Up 2 Programmer?
Yes it is.
Hi , I have a British Gas RS1 thermostat which is located right next to the airing cupboard, it's operation is variable & I suspect it would work better if relocated elsewhere in the hall. Can I fit a Wireless Digital Thermostat to replace it & put the thermostat unit elsewhere? If so which would you recommend
You won't be able to place the receiver in the place of the RS1, as it won't have the required connections. You will need to place the receiver in the airing cupboard next to the wiring centre.
will the RTS1 replace the British gas ES1 ,using BG backplate ,already wired ? Thanks
No you will need RTS4.
I bought some Drayton RTS 1 3 wire thermostats and they work very well . What I want to know is what is the difference between a 3 wire thermostat and a 2 wire thermostat or what does a 3 wire thermostat do that a 2 wire one will not do. Thanks Matthew
The extra wire is a neutral, the neutral improves accuracy and performance. The exception to this are battery powered digital thermostats which are only 2-wire.
i have a very old room stat (it reads in Fahrenheit!) it has two wire into it. The system is an old baxi Bermuda back boiler with a Randall 102 controller. Can this stat replace mine? And Can the Randall 102e7 replace the 102? Thanks Mick
This requires 3 wires, so is not suitable. I would recommend a digital thermostat, like the Danfoss Randall RET-B, instead. Yes, the 102E7 will replace the 102.
Hello would the RTS1 room thermostat replace a potterton prt2 (which is now redundant)or would you suggest an alternative ? (currently three wire system)
It will replace the Potterton prt2.
RTS1 Technical Data. Sir, My RTS1 stat seems to have a temp variation of around 5 deg.C between switching on and off. This results in room temperatures varying too much through the working period. Can you tell me the design specification for the variation plus or minus around the set temperature. Thank you Jim Cottam
The differential is <0.6°C at 4°/hour. So it sounds like yours may be faulty.

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