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Drayton ZA3 Actuator

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Replacement Actuator for:
Drayton ZA3/679-3 Diverter Valve.
Drayton ZA3/779-3 Diverter Valve.
Worcester 87161212870 (679B31648LO in Highflow and Heatslave boilers)
Erie 572E314-6OA0
Drayton part number 27652

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will this replace the actuator acl lifestyle 22mmm mid position valve 679H340-30L0. Or do you have a part that does? Many thanks
I'm afraid not. The complete valve will need to be changed. The MA1/679-3 is the replacement.
Hi. Will this replace a faulty actuator 280h314-22lo on a worcester bosch 280?
I'm afraid not.
Hi Will this be suitable to replace my old actuator BGMVSP-16 3 -wire actuator (model No. 555412)? Thanks
Yes it would.
Can this be replaced without draining down system and disconnecting pipework? Thanks
Yes it can.
Hi is thus a 3 wire version? Thanks
Yes it is.

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