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Drayton ZA5 Actuator

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Replacement Actuator for:

Drayton ZA5/679-2 Zone Valve.
Drayton ZA5/679-3 Diverter Valve.
British Gas BGMVSP-2 Zone Valve.

Drayton part number 27650

Can be used to replace 8-716-108-723 (87161087230) when used with Regin Plug socket (see related products)

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We currently have a Drayton ZA5/679-3 and there is no longer correct switching between the 2 exit valves (boiler water + heating water). The current part is 8 years old. Could replacing the actuator only fix the problem or would you recommend to replace the entire combination (actuator + valve)?
If you can remove the actuator and control the flow by manually rotating the shaft, then it will be the actuator only. If rotating the shaft doesn't effect flow (or if the shaft is stuck) then a whole valve will be needed.
Hello can this ZA5 head be used instead of a Drayton 8-718-684-238 if not what can be used please . These were used in Worcester oil boilers.
Yes, but this doesn't have the plug on the end of the cable. So you will need to use the Regin Plug/socket (In "Related Items") to connect the old plug to the new actuator.
Is it possible to purchase replacement microswitch for the Drayton ZA5 Actuator?
I'm afraid not.
Hi, will this fit a worcester heatlave 18/25 external oil boiler? The actuator number on the boiler is 8-716-108-723.
The ZA5 would be suitable. You would also need the regin 5-way to fit the old plug to the new head. See the related tab.
Hi I have probs with my bg. ch. motorized valve want to replace is this the one I need its BGMVSP-2. wiring do I wire it straight in to box as original. cheers thanks.
Yes it will wire exactly the same.
Hi I have a Worcester Heatslave Oil Combi Boiler, the Diverter Valve is a Drayton 8-716-108-723 can i use this to replace it and are the wiring terminations the same ? Thanks
Yes, the wiring is the same. This one comes with bare ends, so you need to fit the old plug to the new actuator. This is easier using the Regin 5-way Plug/Socket under the related tab.
On a two port ZA5 Drayton actuator what is the a b switch on the side?
The A B on the side is a position indicator
Is this a direct replacement for my British gas valve actuator BGMVSP-2 and can I just wire this one on without draining the system and not have to change the actual valve Thanks
Yes you can.
Is this a direct replacement for my current BGM-VSP23 ? Thanks
No, you will need the MA1 actuator.

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