Image is for illustration only and should not be relied upon Drayton (ACL) ZA6/779-2 28mm Zone Valve

Drayton (ACL) ZA6/779-2 28mm Zone Valve

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ZA6/779-2 (Zone Valve) 28mm 2 port

Drayton motorised valves now feature removable actuators which simplify installation and future servicing.

No tools are required to fit the actuator to the body as it simply clicks into place.

To remove just press the release button and lift the actuator from the body.

Replaces (Same wiring dimensions and thread for a direct swap) for:
ACL Drayton Lifestyle 779H335-30L10

Drayton part number 27205







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  • No, you will need to replace the whole valve. The old Lifestyle valves had a non-replaceable head.
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