Image is for illustration only and should not be relied upon Drayton (ACL) Lifestyle RT212 Replacement Head

Drayton (ACL) Lifestyle RT212 Replacement Head

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Replacement TRV head for ACL Drayton Lifestyle RT212

Replaces Drayton / British Gas / Scottish Gas RT313.

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Looking to replace valve head on an acl lifestyle with 28mm thread. Will this do it or can you recommend one?
Hi.  Please email us a photo of it and we will confirm.
Will it replace a British Gas 0508
Yes it will.
Will it replace a lifestyle 0609 broken thermostat valve .
Unfortunately 0609 is not the model number. Please email us a photo.
I have Drayton RT212 thermostats in my radiators. They are quite old. One has broken off & I bought a new RT212 thermostat (head only) to replace the broken one, but it won’t screw onto the radiator. Can I replace old with new?
Yes you can. Check it is the RT212 (looks the same) and that you have it set to maximum when you fit it.
Will it replace a Barlo thermostaticHead
I'm afraid not.
I need a replacement thermostatic valve which looks similar to your RT212 but I can't find this number on it. The top has acl - Lifestyle - and a symbol like "pi". I have a photo which I shall attach if possible. The attaching chrome screw ring measures 28mm. Thank you for your assistance
If it looks the same, then it will be suitable. They have only recently starting putting the model number on them.
My values have "lifestyle " written on top and no other marking, they were fitted about 19 years ago, is this a direct replacement.
Please email us a photo to
Looking for a replacement for Drayton TRV2 head, I think 28mm thread and had a black rubber skirt. Are any of these a direct replacement please
If it has a black rubber skirt, it is likely to be the TRV3 rather than the TRV2. Please email us a photo to
Hello, my radiator only heats up when I remove the head. The head is only marked with lifestyle on the top. How would I know if this replacement head will fit?
It it looks the same, then it will fit. If not, please email us a photo to
Can you get adaptor for 28mm thread
It depends on the pitch of the thread and of the pin. Please let us have details of the valve you have an we will try to recommend something.
will the rt212 replace the rt414 OR WHAT IS THE EQUIVALENT ?
Yes it will.
I am fitting a replacement sensing head on a Drayton R212 TRV. I followed the instruction to set the setting to max and then screw on. It does not seem to regulate the temperature. Looking at the body of the valve itself Ican see a plastic cover and on the news sensing head there is also a plastic cover. Do I have to remove any of these before fitting?
I'm not sure what cover you are referring to. Give technical support a call on 0333 7000 622.
I purchased a RT212 to try and replace a Landis and Staefa TRV Head as I cannot buy a like for like replacement. It came close to fitting but I think the RT212 goes onto a square base but my valve has a hexagonal base. I was wondering if you had anything that would suit my valve?
Please email us a photo of the old head to
Our drayton TRV4's heads keep breaking off. I've heard the RT212 head might fit the TRV4 too - do you know if that is true?
Yes, they will.
I haven't received your email yet; in the meantime, another question: another of my rads. doesn't get very hot even if on max. and there is a big difference between flow and return pipes. Could this be the Lifestyle valve not working properly. What would the delivery charges be if I ordered 2 valves rather than just one?
It could be as a result of the head (you can take the head off to check) or it could be the lockshield it turned too far down. There would be one delivery charge, it is charged per order not per item.
Shortly before a couple of friends came for drinks last night I noticed that one of the rads in my sitting room was stone cold whereas the other was blazing hot (both set on 4) and I mentioned this to my guests on arrival and asked if they were warm enough. The husband responded by hitting the head of the valve quite hard and it snapped off. It is a Lifestyle valve and looks like the one in your picture but I can't see any number on it, just the letters acl in an octagon above the word Lifestyle and what looks a bit like a pi sign underneath. Will the RT212 replacement head fit and will I be able to remove the broken remains if I unscrew the ring and then fit a new head? The radiator did immediately heat up when he broke the head off so I presume the pin had been stuck and would now work.
Yes, if it looks the same it will fit. If you unscrew the ring the remains should come off for you to fit the new head.
I wish to buy a replacement head for a Drayton RT212, 0808015, thermodynamic radiator valve 15mm. Would the ACL Drayton RT212 Replacement Head be suitable ?
Yes it would.
I have 9 thermostats and they all will not turn down beyond the snowflake symbol. What is the meaning of this symbol? My radiators are still hot on this setting The thermostats are approx 15 years old. Can they be reset or do they need replacing? Colin Crawford
It is frost protection setting. It is the lowest setting and equates to around 5C. It does sound like they do need replacing.
Hi will the drayton rt212 head fit onto the westtherm four trv body?
I'm afraid not.
do I have to turn off the water supply to the radiator to fit the new replacement head.
The TRV I need looks very much like the RT212 here. It has "Lifestyle" on the very top but no other markings I can see stating its model number. I'd guess that my TRV dates from around 2001. It has a knurled connection at the bottom. Is the RT212 likely to fit, please?
If it looks the same, then it will fit.
Just recently moved in to a house with these thermostats on all the radiators.inthe bedroom the actually thermostat itself is broken off is it easy to just replace the top part
Yes it is very simple
Hi. Sorry I don't know much about plumbing. Our house was built in 1998 and the rads have ACL Lifestyle thermostats as shown here. One of the stats fails and so I bought a general replacement head from the local B&Q store, but the thread has obviously changed since the system was fitted and it wouldn't tighten up. If possible I would like to change all the heads like for like without changing the valves as they've discoloured over time, but I'm not sure what to look for and if they would fit. Thank you in anticipation, I can send you a picture if it would help. Graham
Yes, please email us a photo to
my radiator will only heat up when I remove the trv head. the only markings on head is lifestyle. will this head solve my problem. thanks
It sounds like the head has gone. Please email us a photo to to confirm which you need.
need replacement heads with 28 mm coupling since plastic bases have sheared off via age embrittlement - can you supply? Age of existing ones late 1990's
Please email us a photo to
Hello, flat build was completed in 2001 and the thermostatic valves date from then. Valves are fine, after swapping heads around I have confirmed 2 heads are not working The picture of this head looks identical to what I have, is a 30mm connection at the knurled nut. Before I order can you confirm these heads will suit a TRV of that era, I cannot see any other markings on the TRV, obviously all 15mm. Thanks John
Yes they will.
One of my old acl Lifestyle TRVs has seared off. The plastic collar at the base of the TRV which holds the TRV in place has broken. The metal collar appears to have a finer tread that the newer TRVs. Can I get a replacement head that is compatible with the valve attached to the radiator?
Please email us a photo to and we will see if we can supply something suitable.
Does your ACL Drayton Lifestyle RT212 replacement head have a 30mm coupling to the valve or is it 28mm? Many thanks
The thread on the RT212 is M30x1.5
When you say "set the new head to the maximum" before screwing it on, so you simply mean the maximum temperature setting or something else?
Yes, the maximum temperature setting.
Does it matter whether it's a 10mm or 15mm valve?
Hi will this replace a very old Drayton head, I have been told it maybe a trv1 or 2?
It will not replace a TRV1 or 2. You will need to replace the whole valve.
My Lifestyle radiator valves looks identical to the one above. My question is this: It only has Lifestyle on the top of the radiator so will this fit? I have recently moved and no literature has been left for me to peruse. Many thanks.
Yes it will.
My heating system was installed about 2000, one of the heads to the thermostatic radiator valves has sheared off. Would the replacement head (22D02 - it does look identical) be the right replacement? Can I also fit this myself without draining the system? Many thanks for any help.
Yes, if it is identical then it will fit. You will not need to drain the system - it is an easy DIY fit. Just screw off the old head, set the new head to maximum, and screw on the new head.
I have a radiator valve head marked acl lifestyle, fitted by British Gas about 17 years ago. Will this be suitable replacement for a valve that has sheared off (I can remove the threaded fixing ring at the base of the top section of the valve)? Thanks
As long as it is identical to the RT212 it will be suitable. If not, please email us with a photo.
I have a RT212 which jammed and as a consequence both plastic (upper and lower) turn together . Can I replace the head without draining the system ? Many thanks.
Yes you can.
Will the rt 212 replace the head of a drayton trv4.
Yes it will.
my british gas head is broke.its about 13 years old. will this fit as a replacement?
It will fit most British Gas valves. If you can email a photo to we can confirm.
My bathroom radiator will not switch off even when the head is tightened to the * point (below 1). The spring pin on the valve itself works, so I am assuming that the the switching mechanism is not engaging to press down on the pin itself. Is it likely that the replacement head will cure the problem? Thanks for any help.
If the radiator goes off when you keep the pin pushed down manually then the problem is most likely to be the head. If you have the same TRV in a different room you can verify by swapping the heads over and seeing if the fault moves.
Is this replacement head a universal size, ie will it fit a 10 or 15mm valve or are there different sized heads for different sized valves. Thanks
Yes, it will fit 15mm, 10mm or 8mm valve bodies.
Is this head compatible with a 28mm screw-on valve? I wish to replace a broken British Gas TRV head with a nut of 28mm diameter.
If you email a photo of your British Gas head to we can advise a compatible replacement.

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