Image is for illustration only and should not be relied upon Drayton TRV3 Replacement Head (TRV 4c)

Drayton TRV3 Replacement Head (TRV 4c)

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TRV4 Head for use on TRV3 body only (ACL Drayton TRV3-4 conversion head).

Drayton part number 07 94 012 (TRV4c)





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Can you confirm that the screw size is M27x1.0 as I have several TRV4c heads to replace, also can you offer me any discount if I need 3-4 of them? Kind regards Sean
Yes they are. I'm afraid we couldn't offer a better price on that quantity.
Does this product come with the cap to close the valve so that the radiator can be removed without draining the system ? Thanks Dave
I'm afraid not. It is just the head.
I have a few radiator with Drayton TRV3, will the above product(ACL Drayton TRV 3 replacement head) fit on the radiator valve with out having to drain system ? Thanks Dave
Yes it will.
Hi, Is there a cheaper alternative to replace a faulty head on a TRV3
I'm afraid not. The only alternative is to replace the complete valve.
I have an old TRV3 thermostat which needs replacing. But I can not replace the bits with the pipes in. I unscrewed the thermostat only and look for a replacement, i.e. thermostat only to be screwed onto the old fitting. Will the above product fit? What do I need to purchase? Please help and let me know. Thanks for your help.
Yes this is the correct product.
Is the screw size one inch. I bought a TRV but the screw diam was 30mm and I had to return it.
It is M27x1.0. If you email a photo of your existing TRV head to then we can confirm suitability.

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