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Angled TRV Body Only


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 ½" Vertical Angled
½" Vertical Angled
HCO Code: 18B06
In Stock £10.79 Ex VAT: £8.99
 15mm Compression
15mm Compression
HCO Code: 06E03
In Stock £5.99 Ex VAT: £4.99

M30x1.5 Thread.

Suitable for use with:

  • Honeywell HR80 CM Zone radiator controllers.
  • Pegler I-Temp Programmable TRVs.
  • Multi-Fit Thermal Actuators.
  • eTRV
  • Danfoss Randall Living Eco

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Hi, Can the 15mm valves be used for balancing at the TRV end?
Hi.  No, it does not have pre-setting.

Hi, Please could you let me know the Make and Model number for the Angled 15mm? Thank you.
Hi Make and model of item supplied may vary.
Hi there. Does this come with the tail that fits to the radiator. If so what size is the tail as not shown in image
Hi. Yes, it some with a 1/2" tail.
Does this work with Hive TRV
Yes it does.
Can you get a 10mm version of this TRV body only?
For 10mm pipework, you will need HCO code PK11.
What finish does the valve have?
It has a chrome finish.
Will this work with a hive trv?
Yes it will.
Will the Drayton wiser radiator thermostat fit these? Many thanks Paul
Yes they will.
Does anyone know if these will work with the tado Smart TRVs?
Yes they will.
Hi, will these fit the Drayton TRV4 valve heads? Thanks
Hi. Yes they will.
Hi, I need seven angled bodies to fit old ½" pipework and Lightwave Smart thermostatic control heads. Will your £3.90 units do the job? I understand 15mm compression fittings work fine on ½" pipework and I believe the Lightwave units are compatible with most valve bodies but would like to confirm before ordering seven!
Hi. Yes 1/2" pipework is normally close enough to 15mm copper to allow you to use compression fittings. Yes, the lightwave heads are compatible.
Are they suitable for Drayton trv3 as 3 and 4 are not inter changeable (I spotted the previous answer about Draton but it was non specific)
The TRV3 head will not fit this valve.
Hi, are the 15mm compression versions compatible with Tado TRVs? Thanks
Hi. Yes they are.
Is the base material brass?
Yes it is.
Hi, is this compatible with Danfoss twa-k type trv? Thanks
Yes it is.
Hi I am looking to purchase the wiser TRV head from Drayton controls and just need a 15mm compression angled body. Is the one you are selling at £3.90 the correct body and will the Drayton Wiser TRV head fit ? Many thanks Jazz
Hi. Yes it will.
Hi. Are these full flow valves?
No, I'm afraid not.
Hi. Would a Honeywell HR92 wireless TRV fit on the 15mm compression valve? Thanks.
Yes it would.
HI is this valve a bi-directional valve? Thanks
The 15mm Compression ones are. Both 1/2" ones are not.
Hi Can I use this valve with Multi-Fit Thermal Actuator 24v (Low Voltage) - 2-Wire Thank you in advance, Michal
Yes you can.

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