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Thermowatt 143 Immersion Heater


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 Black Cap
Black Cap
HCO Code: 16E22
 In Stock £96.31 Ex VAT: £80.26
 White Cap
White Cap
HCO Code: 14A05
 In Stock £44.64 Ex VAT: £37.20
 Grey Cap
Grey Cap
HCO Code: 07B74
 Out Of Stock £79.44 Ex VAT: £66.20

Complete Immersion heater for the following Ariston Unvented Cylinders (300L or under):
Ariston Primo
Ariston Classico STD - STI

White Cap - With Thermowatt TBS Plus Thermostat
Black Cap - With Thermowatt TBS Thermostat

Grey Cap - With Thermowatt TBS Thermostat

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Is this immersion heater element with the white cover copper, alloy, stainless steel or titanium? We need to replace our old Thermowatt 143 white cap but we live in a hard water area. Thx
It is copper, but has an anode to protect against hard water.
How easy is the Thermowatt 143 to fit? As the element is at the bottom of the cylinder does it need to be drained?
If you use an immersion heater spanner spanner (see related items) then it is a fairly simple swap. You will need to drain the cylinder.
Does this immersion heater come with a gasket? If not where can I source one? Thanks.
No it doesn't. See the related items tab to order one.
What is the wattage of the Element and what is the lowest wattage element you stock?
It is 3kw. All the ones we stock are 3kw.
Having taken the element out, I see that there is a bar that is not part of the element, likely part of the thermostat, which has rusted away. Do I need a new element, or just a thermostat? Thanks
It sounds like the thermostat pocket. You will need a complete new element.
What is the key difference between white cap and black cap. Can white cap be substituted for black cap? Thanks KJJ
They are for different cylinders, you must replace it for the same type.
is the threads 1 1/4 inch or 2inch size elemnts
They are 2 1/4" BSP
can you tell me which thermostat (only) to get to replace the failed one in my Thermowatt 143 heating element in my Ariston unvented cylinder system please?
It will be either the TBS or the TBS Plus. You will need to check which you have as they have changed. Please see the links below.
Can you tell me is this an immersion heater complete with thermostat for £40.36 for the white one
Yes, this includes a thermostat as well as the heater.

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