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Thermowatt TBS 18" Thermostat

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Thermowatt TBS Thermostat Commonly used in Ariston Primo unvented cylinders.

Replaces TBS Plus model.


16A @ 230v



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I want to replace a Thermowatt TBS PLUS 20A/250v thermostat. On the end it states .. 3412109 4614A F.60 / S.93. Will the above be ok to use? Thanks
As long as it is 18" long, then it will be OK.
can i fit this stat instead of a tms type
I'm afraid not.
This stat looks exactly like the one I wish to replace and the length is correct BUT on the body of mine it says T85 Type TBS Plus 20A 250V. Are these interchangeable with each other? I guess the cylinder will just take a little longer to heat up (lower voltage)? Is there a safety cut out - as my cylinder boiled over when the stat failed!!!! Your help appreciated. David
Yes, they are interchangeable. It won't effect its performance at all as the element doesn't draw more than 16A. It has a secondary thermostat (that needs to be manually reset) so it shouldn't fail in the on position.

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