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Automatic Filling Valve

Automatic Filling Valve Image is for illustration only and should not be relied upon
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- with Gauge

HCO Code: 14B00
Brand: Other
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- No Gauge

HCO Code: 23B09
Brand: Watts Electronics
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Q: Does the version without a gauge have the port for a gauge please?

A: Yes it does.
Q: Does it come with fitting instructions?

A: Yes it does.
Q: Which side of the filling loop should this be fit? What are the size of the input and output threads?

A: Fit should be fitted to the system side of the filling loop. They are 1/2" BSP.
Q: Hi is this preset on 1.5 bar or do we have to adjust it ourself?

A: Hi. No it is not preset, it must be set during installation.
Q: Is the set pressure adjustable? if so, over what range?

A: It is adjustable between 0.5 and 3 bar.
Q: Hi there could you pls advise me on this automatic filling loop ..if the pressure goes down fills up automatically not manualyy

A: Yes, if installed to do so.
Q: Hello, Can this be fit instead of filling loop on Vaillant combi boiler? Thanks, Arthur

A: Hi. It should be used with a filling loop, not instead of, to comply with regulations.
Q: I have a leak in the heat exchanger of the boiler. New boiler on 3 week lead time. Need to keep topping up water pressure through fill loop. Want to use this device to automatically do this, topping up when water pressure falls below 0.5bar, and shutting off when water pressure climbs to 1.2bar. Can I use this device?. Can I set pressures to 0.5bar (valve on) and 1.2bar (valve off)?. What electrical supply do I need?. Best, Martin

A: Only one pressure can be set (used for both on and off). It doesn't need any electrical supply.
Q: Can this be fitted on its side or back ? or must it be upright

A: It can be fitted in any orientation.
Q: It says the water pressure must be at least 0.3bar ABOVE the pressure you want to set it to. I don't see how any adjustment can change the pressure. As it is a one way valve.

A: It means your incoming mains water supply must be 0.3 above the pressure you want inside of the heating system. i.e. for 3 bar you need at least 3.3 bar on your incoming mains. If you don't have this pressure you will need to check the incoming mains stopcock to try and increase the pressure.
Q: Hi, Could you please send me some info on how this valve works and how you set the pressure it should fill at/to etc. Many thanks Steve

A: OPERATION Filling unit admits waler automatically into the system in proportion lo the quantity of air released Ihrough the air separator and the relief valves placed in the highest points of the systems and on the radiators. During this phase the non-return valve secures that there are no backflows from the system to the aqueduct or autoclave. On reaching the pre-set level, which can be read from the gauge, the valve closes avoiding damages caused by supressures in the feeding lines. When the system is in operation the valve goes in action automatically to keep the tilling pressure constant. Filling unit Is provided with a cutoff cock which is activated by the handwheel placed on the lower part of the unit, which in the closed position enables the survey of any leakage in the system. To secure the perfect functioning of filling unit and to prevent a decrease of flow it is essential that the filler retains ils original filtering characteristics. Therefore it is advisable to clean the filler, if necessary. The cleaning of the filter may be facil-itated by mounting before the filling unit our connection art. 19 112 (N 23 and a ball valve fernaie/female 1/2 (N.3) (see fig. 1), ADJUSTMENT Unloose the ring nut 6 placed on the adjustment rod. Turn clockwise the adjustment rod 4, placed in the middle of the cap, in order to increase the pressure value in the sys-tem and turn it counter-clockwise in order to decrease it. Once the adjustment is carried out. lock the ring nut 6. Before making the setting of the automatic filling valve, check that the pressure in the water system is at least 0,3 bar higher than the one you want to obtain in the system.

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  • Automatically top up system pressure
  • Complete with Pressure Gauge, backflow prevention and strainer
  • 1/2" M/F

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