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Campini Corel TS95H30 Dual Thermostat

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Dual Thermostat for unvented cylinders.

Suitable for applications where direct fitting is required by means of a pocket. Internal device: Capillary thermoregulator and limiter thermostat.


  • Control range: 0 to 70°C
  • Differential: 2 to 5K
  • Protection level: IP 40
  • Max temperature box: 85°C

Direct replacement for:
Honeywell TS95H30
Range TS95H30
Campini Corel TS9430







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Hi there we have a range TS95 H30 thermostat installed since 2004. The hot water temp appears stuck at a maximum of approx 35 degrees Have you any suggestions to fault find before I make a purchase.
Hi.  If you have a multi-meter you can check exactly when the thermostat is switching by turning the thermostat up and down.

Will this replace a Honeywell ts9430.51?
Yes it will.
I have a Worcester Greenstore Single Coil Unvented HW cylinder (SC210) with a TS95H30 fitted. The thermostat does not seem to be controlling the temperature of the water - it is very hot. The red pin under the cover seems to have popped out although not having looked under the cover before I am not 100% sure. How do I reset the thermostat? I have tried pushing the red pin in but to no effect. Could the copper sensors have failed and if so are replacements available? Not sure of the exact problem and therefore the solution. Your advice would be appreciated. With thanks.
It does sound like the thermostat needs to be replaced. There are no spares available.
What does the limiter re-set button do on the Honeywell TS95H30-51 do ?
The limit thermostat is a safety thermostat to protect from overheating in case the main control thermostat fails in the on position. It needs to be manually reset so you are aware that the temperature has exceeded the control thermostats setting - and that there may be a problem to investigate.
Do you have an instruction leaflet for this thermostat you could email to me please?
You can download it from the 'Downloads' tab.
Can I buy a brass or stainless steel pocket for this thermostat as copper one corroded away.
I'm afraid not.
To the best of your knowledge would this be a direct replacement for a Telford Tempest Aquastat ?. The Aquastat fits into a hole in the cylinder side wall (dry) and is retained by a small screw. The wiring appears to be three wires one of which is earth. The Aquastat is a twin probe. All help appreciated as funds are tight and a Telford one is £90 +. Many thanks. John.
Telford have done a few different ones. If you could please email us a photo and we will advise.
Can you just by the pocket for this thermostat. Thanks
I'm afraid not.
hi,does this product comes with the thermostat pocket as well. In addition ,do I need to reset the controller once got it replaced
Yes it comes with the pocket. You should not need to reset the programmer after replacement.
Hi I've got one of these thermostat fitted on my stainless steel 180 ltr water tank. Everything has run fine for several years, however I have just got fitted solar electric fitted on my roof. This sends the excess power to the Emersion element on the tank. I set this thermostat to maximum 85deg just because it would heat the water for free. My issue is when the sun stopped heating the tank I was expecting the gas to cut in and heat the water however this thermostat had tripped out. This took me a while to trace Is there a maximum temperature before this thermostat trips out or is there another fault. Should I set the temperature of the solar side lower to avoid this. Hope this is understandable and any help would be very help full Paul
Yes, if the water goes above 85C the limit safety stat will kick in and you will need to manually reset it before you can use it. This is a safety feature in case the main control thermostat fails. I would recommend lowering the immersion thermostat to 65C. To avoid it throwing the limit safety thermostat and to lower the risk of scalding.
how do I change a Honeywell TS95H30 as it is leaking do I have to drain the tank down
Yes if it is leaking you will need to change the pocket, which will require the tank to be drained.
Does the thermostat include the dry pocket? Thanks
Yes it does.
My Honeywell duel thermostat is leaking it is the TS95H30.51 is the correct replacement the campini corel TS95H30 thanks Roger Manners
Yes it is.

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