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Capillary Aquastat Thermostat

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Ideal for use on hot water cylinders

Can be used for Underfloor Heating - switching off the secondary circulating pump when the flow rail goes over the set temperature (e.g. when the mixing valve fails). Bulb should be positioned by placing it under the rubber grip on the metal brackets in contact with flow rail.

Technical Data
- Bulb length: 90 mm
- Bulb diameter: 6.5 mm
- Capillary Length: 1300 mm
- Setting: 0-90°C
- SPDT Contacts
- Contact: 16(3)A @ 250v
- Differential: 5 °C

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I want to use this as a pipe stat for a towel rail circuit. Is there any way I can extend the capillary probe as the distance is 2.5 meters?
It works by expanding gas, so cannot be extended.

Hi, can I use this to switch a pump on when my wood burning stove with a back boiler gets up to a suitable temperature Thanks
Yes you can.
We would like to order the following please: 2 of the limit versions of the Capilliary Aquastat and 4 of the regular Capiliary Aquastats please, how do we go about this given that the limit version is not on the website?
Please email and they will send you a link.
Does this thermostat have three terminals (common / normally open and normally closed)?
Yes it does.
Could the bulb be used in a dry pocket to control overheat of a therostore tank?
Normally a limit thermostat (with manual reset to switch it back on) is used for overheat protection. This is a control thermostat, so works like the main thermostat. Using a control thermostat for overheat protection may leave the user unaware that the first thermostat has failed. We can obtain the limit version if you need that.

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