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Cotherm TSDR1103 (Horizontal) 11" Immersion Thermostat

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Cotherm TSDR1103 11-inch thermostat for immersion heaters.

For use in SIDE (HORIZONTAL) entry immersion heaters only.

Contains a re-setable over-temperature cut-out for extra protection (MFS technology)

Cotherm TSD (11" Models)
Cotherm TSDO1103
Heatrae Sadia RDT 11" (95980035)

16A SPST contacts




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I have removed a Cotherm thermostat. Lettering on it says SHD 111 (orSHO111). What is a suitable replacement, please.
This would be suitable.
Hi, can you confirm if the thermostat is N/O or N/C contact? Thanks
Hi. It is N/O, so used for heating applications.
Can you confirm the temperature range on this stat please? Ideally we are looking for one which goes from 0 degrees upwards. Thanks
It is 0 to 65°c.
Hi,can i use them in a 9Kw horizontal heater element which at the moment has 1 x run stat rod and 1x overheat stat rod ,intend to replace both with just the 1 combo stat wired through a control circuit to feed a coil on heating contactor thanks for any help Mark
They are only rated for 3kw immersion heaters.
Hi, What is the highest temperature setting on a 04B08 thermostat? Thanks, Gary
It is 60C

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