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Cotherm TSDR1802 18" Immersion Thermostat

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Cotherm TSDR1802 18-inch thermostat for immersion heaters.

For use in TOP (VERTICAL) entry immersion heaters only.

Contains a re-setable over-temperature cut-out for extra protection (MFS technology)

Cotherm TSD (18" Models)
Cotherm TSDO1802
Heatrae Sadia RDT 11" (95980036)

16A SPST contacts




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Where is the cut-out switch?
The reset button is situated between the two wiring terminals.
At what temperature does the safety cut-out operate
It is 87°C
Hi there. Does these work ok on house immersion heaters . Thank you
Yes, they are for domestic use in immersion heaters on vented cylinders.
Hi, What temp range does this work over? Regards, Paul
It will control up to 65C. It is not recommended to set it below 55C due to the risk of legionella

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