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Danfoss Randall FJVR Sensor

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The FJVR return temperature limiter is a self-acting sensor which will maintain the return temperature in the UFH circuit at a constant level and hence secure a constant floor temperature. This makes it ideal for alot of underfloor heating applications and a unique offering from Danfoss Randall. Setting on the sensor can be limited or locked.

No other product has been as popular as the FJVR Return Temperature Limiter for controlling single Underfloor Heating zone installations (eg: conservatories bathrooms or kitchens). The product has been sold on mainland Europe for more than 3 decades.

Danfoss Model Number:
003L107000 (10-80°C)




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can this sensor be replaced by a remote actuator ie something like the Pegler i35 ?? Thanks Mark
I'm afraid not.
I presume this is the sensor only. I take it that this doesn't fit on a standard thermostatic valve body that are generally fitted to radiators, so do you do the valve body to suit the sensor as well. Thanks Richard
Please see the "Related" tab for a list of suitable valves.

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