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Danfoss Randall HPA2 Actuator

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2 Port valve actuator.

Interchangeable with:
Landis & Gyr SK2
Pegler Sunvic SZ1301 SZ2301
Potterton PMV2 Actuator
Part No. 087N657900








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Can be delivered only in the UK? Am living in Larnaca Cyprus. Is it possible to be shipped?
I also have a contact in London ( Paddington area ) is it possible to deliver there?
I will order different size complete valves aswel.
Please advise.
Yes, you can order for delivery to Cyprus.

I am looking to replace a Sunvic SZ2301 actuator. Will this be a direct swap out with same dimensions, screw placement etc?
Yes it will.
Is it 230v-50/60 he 3(1) A T 45? Is it new ?
Yes that's correct. It is new.
can i get a block connector for this if so where from?
It depends what device you are looking to plug it into. You can usually connect the plug from your old actuator to the new one by cutting it off at the wire and connecting the wires together.
Hi, Does the actuator have a clip connection block or are the wires left separate ?
They are bare wires
This is the same spec that I need to replace existing. Will it replace my existing one regardless of the pipe diameter?
Yes it will.
Hi. Can I replace with this sunvic unit SZM 1801?
It depends on what valve body you have. It is the EML3454, the HPA2 will fit.
I have this valve fitted to a sunvic ML3454 (new house) I'm pretty sure it's not compatible because there's only about 45 degree of rotation and the valve has 90 degree marked as open. Can you confirm this either way? Thanks
They are compatible. Both units are 90 degrees rotation between open and close.
What is the guarantee warranty period on this this unit
It is 2 years from date of manufacture. The Warranty expiry date is printed on the underneath of the actuator.
Does this actuator have 4 wires please?
Yes it does.
I am looking for the Danfoss HPA2 aczuator with the following technical specifications: 230V 50/60 Hz 3(1) A, T45 Lengths of wire: appr. 1,1m Is the wire included in the offered HPA2 actuator? Best regards, andrera
Yes, it is identical to what you have. The length of cable is included with the actuator.

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