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Danfoss Randall ITC Cylinder Thermostat

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- Used to control water temperature in the hot water cylinder
- Secure immersion sensing

The ITC 100 is an immersion thermostat which has a 100mm insertion length. The thermostat which is supplied with a ½"BSP/100mm pocket is suitable for the control of applications which require accurate immersion sensing e.g. unvented hot water systems.

The thermostat which has an adjustment range of 0-90°C has SPDT contacts making it suitable for the control of all types of motorised valves.

Model: 099-105700

Satchwell TWK1301
Imit TC2 1750 (542470)
Imit TC2 1730

Replaces (pocket replacement required):
Honeywell L6188A2002
Honeywell L6188B2034
Drayton CO3A
Siemens RAK-TR.1000B
Watts Aqualux 0405101X TRE-100-N




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Hi, I have the 099-1057 unit installed for several years. There are now obvious signs of leaking coming from the 1/2 " tapping and over time, down the cables and into the junction box with all the wiring from the thermostat, the valve and the live from switch,
causing all kinds of problems with intermittent tripping of my fuse board. Where can this leak be coming from and how to fix it before I replace the thermostat?? Many thanks.
The leak may be from the pocket that screws into the cylinder. A new pocket is included with the thermostat.

Hi will this replace the Danfoss ITC 099-1058 previous email wrong , sorry
Hi. Yes it will
I currently have the tamperproof version of this fitted and it could need replacing. Is there any difference with this one other than the cover and exposed dial? Thanks
No there isn't any difference.
Will this model replace the ITC-100 (0-90C) 099-1057. The pocket is already in the cylinder so I only need to replace the unit as the probe has broken. Many thanks.
Yes it will.
Do you stock the tamper proof version? Mark
We don't stock it, but can order it in for you. Please email for a price.
Hi, I'm unfamiliar with this type of cylinder stat. Would this be appropriate for fitting to a 1/2 BSP tapping that puts the probe in direct contact with the DHW? and therefore needs to seal the outlet as well as read the temperature. Thank you.
The pocket that comes with the thermostat screws into the 1/2" tapping. The thermostat probe then inserts into the pocket keeping the probe dry.
Can you confirm whether the 1/2'' BSP/100mm pocket as parallel thread?
Yes it is.
I need to replace two IMIT TC2 1750 Thermostat Cod 542469. Can this replace them?
Yes it can.
What is diameter of probe
It is 6.5mm
Hi,I'm looking for a replacement Thermostat for a IMIT Type TC2 1750 542470, Which is defective.
This will replace that one directly.

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