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Danfoss Randall RA-G Single Pipe TRV Body

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 1/2" Straight
1/2" Straight
HCO Code: 03B11
In Stock £31.26 Ex VAT: £26.05
 1/2" Vertical Angled
1/2" Vertical Angled
HCO Code: 08B11
In Stock £31.26 Ex VAT: £26.05

For use in conventional 1-pipe systems, where circulation through the radiator relies on gravity. RA-G valves have capacities optimised for this type of system which require high flow rates at low pressure drops to function correctly.

For use with RA2910 Sensor

Danfoss Part Numbers:
013G167600 - Vertical Angle
013G167500 - Straight

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Would these work on a one pipe pressurised system that has a bypass loop at every rad? Thanks
Yes they would.

I have a two pipe system in a big old house that has poor flow to a distant radiator. I am planning to increase the radiator size and fit this RA-G valve to it instead of the Dryaton TRV4. I'm hoping that this full flow valve will offer less resistance to the flow of heating water. Does this seem reasonable? Thank you for your input.
They are high flow, but do have a low maximum differential pressure as they are not designed for direct pumping through.
Hi What is are the internal thread, will i need 1/2 inch male irons to go into them onto the pipe? Or is it 3/4?
Hi. It is 1/2 inch.
Are these only needed on gravity CH systems? Looking to upgrade standard wheel heads on one pipe CH system which is pumped.
I would recommend fitting single pipe valves as greater flow is still needed.
I am working on a large hotel. Single pipe system. 2 way valves have been installed on 3 x radiators. I need to change them back to 1way valves. Is this the one I need? Thanks in advance
As long as they are 1/2", then these would be suitable.
I have a 55 year old, single pipe, system which works very well though I have recently had a new Worcester Bosch oil boiler installed and the 'system' is now pressurised (1 bar), whereas it was previously total gravity feed, and I have some minor leakage at the valves. I am considering replacing the old valves on the CH system with TRV's. I'll need, probably, 15 TRV's (1/2" angled) I assume I will also need 15 RA 2910 sensors? As far as lock-shields are concerned I am also inclined to change those also (to eliminate ALL leaks arising) but are they 'standard' lock-shields or is there also a 'Gravity' version? You help would be appreciated before I get down to the detailed planning stage of my endeavours! Thanks Vic. PS. If you could price, say, on the basis of 15 that would be helpful at this stage. PPS. Are there other 'gravity' valves other than Danfoss?
Yes, you will need RA2910 sensors to go with them. We stock Herz single pipe lockshields. HCO code 16B98. We don't stock any other single pipe valves. When you have made a decision, email and we will look at costs for you.

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