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Danfoss Randall RAS-C² Replacement Head

Brand: Danfoss Randall
HCO Code: BU132
Price: £12.23
Ex VAT: £10.19
Stock: In Stock
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Q: Can these be used as a direct replacement for the Danfoss RA2910 heads on RA valves?

A: In domestic situations, yes. They may restrict the flow too much in commercial installations.
Q: Can I replace a Danfoss RAS_C 5023 head with this head?

A: Yes you can.
Q: Hi I have the old Pegler Bulldog Gen 1 model 42 EN215 TRV. Is there a means to swop my old TRV heads without having to replace the whole fitting with these or similar good quality TRV? I cannot get a plumber to come to do such small jobs. thanks Darrell

A: Hi. I'm afraid not. The whole valve will need to be changed.
Q: My mother has these on her "sluggish" radiators so I'm trying to check the bleeding and circulation. If I am trying to test it on a hot day will they cut out if the room's too hot or does the max position over ride the thermostat and admit circulation regardless of room temperature? Thank You.

A: The max position is 28C, so it is unlikely the room will be hot enough to close the valve.
Q: I have a Danfoss thermostatic valve which does not have a threaded fixing but rather you twist click, twist click to remove. Similarly to put on. It is broken and I need a replacement of the same type. Would this one fit?

A: Yes it will.
Q: Do you know if these will fit the old Drayton TRV2 fittings? Really don't want to have to replace the whole Fitting. Thanks in advance.

A: The TRV2 is too old, you will need to replace the whole valve.
Q: Would this TRV Head replace the RAS-d Combi head code 013G5150. Thanks David.

A: Yes it will.
Q: I have a number of old RA Danfoss TRV heads that I would like to replace. Can you explain what the difference is between this product, and the RA2910 with sensor?

A: The RA2910 head is also suitable for use with commercial Danfoss valves as it allows greater flow. The RAS-C2 is only for domestic valves.
Q: Hi, I think I had Danfoss valves fitted to radiators, but dogs have chewed the heads off. It looks like the valve type here with a knurled nut and pin, but my valves are fitted horizontally. They are removed by twisting a collar at the inner end of the plastic head and twisting it off to allow access. Is this a suitable replacement head? Thanks

A: Yes it is.
Q: how will i know this will fit my radiator

A: Please see our Danfoss TRV Head replacement Guide at: http://www.heatingcontrolsonline.co.uk/danfoss_table.php

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Replacement RAS-C2 Thermostatic Heads.

Loose packed.

Can also be used to replace heads on RAS-C TRVs (Click here for photo)

Danfoss Part no. 013G604000

Please see our Danfoss Replacement TRV Sensor guide









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