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Danfoss Randall RAV/RAVL Replacement Gland

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Replacement gland suitable for Danfoss RAVL and RAV TRVs.

Can be replaced without draining down.

When fitting a new TRV head it is recommended that a new gland be fitted.

Part No: 013U007000

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Do you need to drain down when replacing a remote thermostat gland seal?
No. but there may be a few drips.  Place a towel under the valve before removing the existing gland.

I have Danfoss black and white TVR s I think it is 013G5023 that is the number I took from an advert for one that looked similar. Will this replacement gland fit them please? They are from 2003 year. I was delighted to that you stock specialist parts. Stay safe Kind regards Iain
Hi. This part is not suitable. For RA valves you need BU718
The description states the gland can be replaced without draining down? Are special tools needed ....or is it just a case of removing the TRV head and undoing the gland nut with a spanner
No special tools are required. You may get a few drips, so use a towel under the valve.
The pin on my excisting thermostat as got limited movement I've tried freeing up to no avail,will replacing with this gland solve the problem.
Yes, it should solve your problem.

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