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Danfoss Randall RA/VL 2950 Sensor

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As part of the commitment to service Danfoss Randall produce a range of Built-In and Remote Sensors that fit directly to older RAVL valve bodies.

Replacement sensors incorporate RA 2000 sensor technology and design and provide a simple and straight forward way to upgrade older radiator thermostats without the need to drain down the system.

Part no. 013G295000 (013G2950)
Previous Part No. 013G221000 (013G2210)

For valves with 26mm valve neck.

Please see our Danfoss Replacement TRV Sensor guide

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Hello, will this replacement head fit any (older) radiator with a 26mm neck? Many thanks.
Hi. Only Danfoss ones with a 26mm neck.
Can thedanfossrandall ra/vl 2950 sensor replace danfoss bs6284
I'm afraid bs6284 is not the model number. Please email us a photo to
I have old Potterton heads with the plastic clip fixing as per the first question, will this be a direct replacement or can yon recommend another one
Please email us a photo of them to
does this fit the really old grey head which has a segmented plastic collar secured by a screwed clip on the outside. Have you some pictures you could send me for reference
As long as it has the 26mm neck in the replacement guide link. I'm afraid I don't have any other photos.
Hello , you you please explain to me how this thermostat actually works ? Thank you
As the temperature in the room changes, the sensor expands or contracts to press or release a pin in the valve body. This controls the flow of hot water into the radiator.
Is the product Danfoss Randall replacement sensor head RA/VLADIMIR 2950 a suitable replacement for a Danfoss RAVL series S sensor head? They were fitted in September 1988. Thanks
Yes it is.

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