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Danfoss Randall RMT230

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A stylish electro-mechanical room thermostat for use on 240V systems

* RMT-230.
* Large easy to read scale.
* Locking and limiting as standard.
* Temperature range is 8-30°C
* Accelerator heater to improve control accuracy.
* Dimensions 80x80x40mm WxHxD.
* Ideal replacement for Honeywell T6360B1028.
* 10(4)A SPDT Contacts

Danfoss Randall part number 087N1100

Danfoss Randall TWE, TWK, RSR/M, RD3
Satchwell / Sunvic TL19, TL25, TLX2284, TLX2304, TLX2322, TLX2357, TLX2358, TLX2381, TLX2356



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I have an RMT 230 code 087N110030. Please can you advise what to replace with? Thanks
I'm afraid I have no trace of that one. If it has 3 wires connected to it, then this one would be suitable.
Hi please can you help my downstairs themastat is buzzing when I turn the dial up and no heating coming on the themaste is just a white box not digital Danfoss087N1 10000 RMT 230 hope you can help Thankyou
It does sound like it needs to be replaced.
you say it is a direct replacement for the Honeywell t6360 I have but you say this is 3 wire a look at mine shows only 2 wires ?
Like this one, the T6360 will not work very well at all with only 2 wires. I would recommend replacing it with a Siemens RAA21 or a battery powered digital thermostat.
Is this a 2 0r 3 wire connection?
It is a 3 wire connection.
Is this the same electrical connections to replace my Honeywell T6360 as my dial is cracked and you are recommending this as suitable replacement, will this one fit straight on? Thanks Helen
Yes, it uses the same wires. The terminal numbers are different, so you will need to follow the included installation instructions.
Can I use it, with the same electrical connections, to replace my Barlo room thermostat. This item has a too wide temperature response band for my liking. Thanks
As long as your current Barlo one as a neutral connected, this one can be used. You may be better off with a digital thermostat as this provides closer control.

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