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Danfoss Randall TWA-A Thermal Actuator

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These low cost wax-filled thermal actuators are suitable for a whole range of zoning applications including floor heating.

TWA Series Thermal Actuators
088H311200 - 230V 2-Wire

TWA-A models are equipped with the standard Danfoss RA2000 connection allowing them to be used on any of the Danfoss valve range having a 17mm RA2000 neck - this includes RA-FS RA-FN RA-N and RA-G radiator thermostat valve bodies and high capacity RA-C 2 port valves. Used together with electric room thermostats the combination of TWA-A and any of the aforementioned valve bodies can provide cost effective electric control for individual radiators or small groups of radiators for example in hotel rooms.

TWA-A can also be used together with Danfoss Randall underfloor heating manifolds and electric room thermostats to provide zone control of floor heating circuits.




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Can this be used on a hot water cylinder system? Before head exchanger. As in disk on underside regulates temp or when pump to kick in etc Thanks
This does not regulate temperature, an external thermostat is needed. You would normally use a cylinder thermostat and zone valve for controlling a cylinder.

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