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Danfoss RAVL TRV Adaptor

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HCO Code: 15A07
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Adaptor for fitting a head with a M30x1.5mm thread to a Danfoss RAVL (26mm neck) TRV body.

Suitable for:
Multi-Fit TRV Head
Honeywell HR80/HR80UK
Honeywell Evohome HR92/HR92UK

Drayton Wiser

Multi-Fit Thermal Actuator

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Will this fit a old Drayton trv and allow me to fit a new trv 4 head
I'm afraid not. It will only fit Danfoss RAVL valves.
I have radiators with the old Danfoss TRV RAVL fittings. I want to fit the new Hive Radiator Valves, will these adaptors fit please
Yes they will.
I have a radiator with an old (1982?) Danfoss TRV with a RAVL fitting. I want to fit a Drayton TRV4 sensing head (with M30 x 1.5mm fitting) for greater sensitivity to temperature changes. Is this the correct adapter for the job so that I can make the change without having to drain the system or replace the existing valve?
Yes it will be suitable.
Have Peglar Product 881899 old style thermostatic rad valves, would this adhapter enable me to connect the pegler terrier product code 632400 to the existing bodies as the main nut size appear to be different size so the head will not fit the existing. I would rather just change the head only if this is possible. Advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
Unfortunately we don't currently have a suitable adaptor.
Can I use this adaptor to fit Tower electronic trv to Danfoss RAS-C² body Or do you have something else that can be used The Tower packaging says adaptors are included, but in my kit no adaptors but a full valve and body (needing plumbing in) Thanks
No, you need the RA adaptor. HCO Code 15A99.
Is there a fitting that will enable me to connect a Iightwave RF TRV ? Many thanks
This fitting will allow you to fit a Lightwave head to a Danfoss RAVL body.
Hi Does this fit on top of the danfoss TRV fitting to allow a honeywell trv to work? Is it tightened with a screw? Thanks Dom
There are three different Danfoss fittings. This will fit the RAVL fitting, and allow most Honeywell TRVs to fit. It tightens on with several grub screws.
I want to replace my old style Drayton TRVs which I think are 26x1mm with JG Speedfit wireless TRVs which are 30x1.5mm. Will this Danfoss RAVL TRV adaptor work?
I'm afraid not, you will need to replace the valve body.

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