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Danfoss RET2001B-RF Wireless Room Thermostat with RX1S Receiver

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NEW! Replaces obsolete RET-B-RF, RET2000B-RF.

RET2001B-RF Digital Room Thermostat and RX1-S Single Channel Receiver provide installation convenience and location flexibility for your home heating control. This is combined with sleek modern design and high performing energy saving control in a feature packed RF thermostat.

Incorporating a generous, easy to read display that clearly shows the room temperature and output status of the thermostat and bright status indicators on the receiver. The backlit display is ideal for those with poorer eyesight or in locations which are dimly lit.

As well as standard on/off control the user can select to benefit from Danfoss chronoproportional control. This micro-processor based control system will deliver increased comfort and improved economy. When chrono-proportional mode is set, the thermostat introduces a fixed cycle rate on the system and then determines the duration of the On and Off periods within each cycle in proportion to load. The control algorithm used to determine the on/off periods uses a proportional + integral (PI) routine to eliminate offset normally associated with on/off or simple proportional control. Chrono-proportional control significantly improves comfort and generally improves boiler efficiency by optimising water temperature.

Additional features include settable upper and lower temperature limits.

  • Selectable Chrono Proportional or On/Off control
  • User Set Upper and Lower Temperature Limits
  • Output On Indication

Thermostat 86x86x30mm HxWxD
Receiver 83x83x30mm HxWxD


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Is this model -Danfoss RET2001B-RF Wireless Room Thermostat with RX1S Receiver compatible with the Danfoss RET B-RF 087N727000
It is not compatible with the existing receiver.  If the existing receiver is a RX1, then the RX1S included will directly replace that.

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