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Danfoss TPOne-RF Wireless Programmable Thermostat - With RX1S Receiver

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TPOne Programmable Room Thermostat platform delivers new levels of user friendly interaction. The flexible dot matrix display uses easy read icons and text information to provide feedback on status and settings to the installer and user. When the display is activated the backlight illuminates and guides are given on the what buttons will adjust temperatures or navigate the setting menus.

Chrono Proportional, Load Compensation control is the default heat regulation system that will deliver increased comfort and improved economy over standard on/off control. Standard On/Off can also be selected.

When chrono-proportional mode is set, the thermostat introduces a fixed cycle rate on the system and then determines the duration of the On and Off periods within each cycle in proportion to load.

The control algorithm used to determine the on/off periods uses a proportional + integral (PI) routine to eliminate offset normally associated with on/off or simple proportional control.

Chrono-proportional control significantly improves comfort and generally improves boiler efficiency by optimising water temperature.

For TPOne we have redesigned the heating startup options. Standard startup is default giving instant heat at the scheduled time. New dynamic Delayed and Optimised start features are also selectable. Delayed start will pause the heating startup at the scheduled time dependant on the difference between ambient and required temperature which will decrease energy usage. Optimised start will monitor the difference between ambient and required temperature and will calculate the best time to start heating to hit setpoint at the scheduled time.

Both features dynamically adjust according to performance accuracy each day to ensure most acurate control and remove the need for manual setting and adjustment.

Additional TPOne features include:

  • Seperate User & Installer Setting Menus
  • Holiday Scheduler
  • Upper and Lower Temperature Limits
  • Capacitive Touch Button Control
  • Push Button Lock
  • °C or °F Selectable Display
  • Audible Button Click (selectable)
  • Frost Protect Temperature Setting
  • Clear Text Display (7 Languages)
  • Boiler Service Timer

Switch Rating: 3A at 230Vac
Setting temperature range: 5-35 °C
Dimensions (mm): H66 x W155 x D30
Battery Life: Min 2 years

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If I install your TPOne Wireless programmable Thermostat with RX1S Receiver, will I be able to programme 3 heat on and 3 heat off per day .i.e. 3 separate heating periods per 24 hours. ?
Yes you can.
Can we leave the heating on 24 hours at a low temperature if we are way for a few months in the winter? Also our house has really thick walls does the programer need Wi-Fi? It will be in the kitchen where the Wi-Fi reception is poor.
Yes, you can leave it on a constant low temperature to protect our property while you are away.

Wireless controls work poorly with thick walls.  I would strongly recommend a wired thermostat instead.

My current old Danfoss 103E5 Timeswitch works with our oil fired boiler. In the summer months, I click the switch over from HEATING/WATER to WATER ONLY. How do I get hot water, but no heating with the TPOne model?
The TPOne-RF does not control hot water.  You would need a separate control for hot water.

Can the receiver be wired to work with UK 3 pin plug?
Yes it can.

We are looking at the Danfoss TPOne-RF Wireless Programmable Thermostat - With RX1S Receiver. It states receiver, does this also require a sender unit separately or is this all we need?
Both are included.  So this is all you need.

Have a Horstman CentaurPlus, C27 programmer, presently set on "Auto", will the TPOne -RF with RX1-S override the programmer or do I have to change this to either "24 Hours" or "All Day"?
It depends on how it is wired in. Usually you need to set it to 24 hours.
My danfoss tpone has gone in to product lock mode and will not allow me to use any of the buttons. How do I get it off this setting so I can turn the heating on
Press the OK button for 5 seconds to unlock.
My TP5001 RF controller is goosed. Is the TPone RF controller wireless and operated only by battery?
Yes it is.
I have a TP7001 thermostat which is mounted in a 'wrong' place - it could do with being in an adjacent room. I propose to replace it with a TPOne RF with RX1S with the receiver in place of the 7001 and the main unit in an appropriate position in the nearby room. I presume that set up will do the same job as the 7001 but what is the range from the main unit to the receiver (i.e. does it have to be line of sight or should it reach a nearby room)? Thank you for any advice you can give.
Unless you have a TP7001M, or the TP7001 has previously replaced a main thermostat, you will not have the mains power available to power the receiver. I would recommend fitting the receiver near the boiler (combi) or airing cupboard instead. Wireless range varies depending on construction of walls and other factors. However one wall (unless thick stone) should not be a problem for it.
How many times can I programme the times and temperatures per day. I have the TP5000 +RF which allows you up to 6 times
You can programme up to 6 per day.
My RX1 is broken. If I replace with RX1-s (and TPOne), is the backplate and wiring the same for RX1 and RX1-s? In other words is it a simple swap of teh receiver unit and you don't have to touch the wiring?
You will need to change the backplate, but it will connect to the same wires.
I have the TP5000 rf. The thermostat is broken but the receiver still works. Can I order the TPone and will work the my current receiver. If not how easy is the receiver to swap?
It will not work with your existing receiver. If your existing receiver is the RX1, then the swap is very easy.
can this be fitted to a baxi duo-tech 40 thanks
Yes it can.
How do I replace a battery. The battery icon is showing. Danfoss TPOne-RF
The battery is in the back of the unit. You will need to unclip it from the wall to access it.
I have the Danfoss TPOne.RF and would like to know how to set it to Frost setting as I might be away from home for several weeks. It is in the hall where my radiator in not separately controlled with TRV's as are the other radiators. Will this control all radiators or do I turn them all to "1" or "*" ? Many thanks.
Just press the bottom button (house with power sign). It will control all radiators.
RF Lost in the top corner of display. What does this mean?
It has lost communication with the receiver. Check the receiver.
What does click and save do and when do I need to use it
TPOne's innovative 'Click & Save' function can lower all pre-defined comfort settings by one degree in just a few clicks. It is ideal when you want some heat but not full temperature. E.g. when cleaning.
I have two central heating zones and one hot water zone at present. Will this still allow me to use 3 zones, and if not do I just need two kits?
This will only control one heating zone. So you will need another one for the other heating zone, and a separate control for the hot water.
Hi can you override the Danfoss TPOne-RF programmer by pressing the CH button on the receiver to activate the boiler for central heating. Kind regards Ray
Hi. Yes you can.
Set the timer up for 2 periods but heating symbol not showing and heating not on. How do I get the heating to come on?
Please call support on 0845 121 7505
Hi! Will the thermostat pair with an old receiver from the previous generation? Thanks, Warren
No I'm afraid not.
Does the receiver work of battery's or of main voltage thanks john
It is powered by mains power.

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