Danfoss TS710 Timeswitch

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The TS710 is part of the latest generation of efficient, easy-to-use and stylish heating timers. A large display with intuitive layout shows current day, time and on/off period in the large top section, along with icons showing the status of the output channels. The TS710 timer offers 1, 2 or 3 heating periods per day.

  • Backlit Display
  • Holiday Function
  • 3(1) SPDT relay
  • 90x155x30mm HxWxD

Replaces: TS15 TS715, TS715Si

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We have a Danfoss TS710 Single Channel Timer fitted. cOuld you please tell me how we can switch on the hot water function without also switching on the central heating (e.g. when we only want to use the hot water in the summer months)5cc11e.
The TS710 is a single channel timeswitch. You need a 2-channel programmer to control heating and hot water separately. If it is controlling both, then the only way to do it is to turn the room thermostat right down. If it is on a combi boiler, then the TS710 will only control the heating, as the hot water is produced on demand.
I am trying to purchase a Danfoss Randall 103 timer. I believe these have been discontinued and wonder what you recomend to fit in its place. If you can offer one please let me know price and delivery. Thanking you
This TS710 would be suitable.

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