Image is for illustration only and should not be relied upon Delta Dore Tybox 137+ Simple Programmable Thermostat

Delta Dore Tybox 137+ Simple Programmable Thermostat

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New.  Replaces Tybox 137.  Now boiler plus regulations compliant.

Now upgradeable to smart with TYDOM (sold separately).

Simple pre-wired receiver means an easy fit - ideal for use with combi boilers.

  • Choice from 2 adjustable temperatures from 5 to 30°C: Comfort or Reduced
  • Daily or weekly programming, which can be customised using a switch
  • Quick selection of operating modes using the selector dial:
    - On/Off/Auto
    - Holiday program with built-in calendar
  • Reminder of the annual maintenance service
  • Automatic time change: summer/winter
  • Calibration of the temperature sensor
  • Hourly display of the boiler operating time (excluding DHW)








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Hello I have this in my home it was working fine but it was knocked over after I’d changed batteries and maybe not applied the back casing correctly so when it was knocked over it all came apart and now the screen won’t respond now it’s been out back together , is there a way of me fixing this or will I have to purchase a new one


It does sound like a new one is needed.

The picture shows the programmable thermostat on the left and the boiler wired receiver on the right. Can you confirm that both are included (ie is the receiver the Tybox B+ unit).
Yes, both are included.
will this item work on a electric Combi boiler.
As long as the boiler accepts normal on/off heating controls. The boiler manufacturer will confirm.
at this time i have 1 transmitter with 1 reciever,can i put another reciever for example upstairs with using just the one transmitter.
I'm afraid not.
What is the FROST PROTECT SETTING...meaning what does that do/its purpose? what number setting should it be at in the winter? Thank you
It is protect your house from frost (burst pipes). I would recommend 5C.
Can the Delta Dore Tybox137 be set to display the room temperature as well as/rather than the temperature that the controller is aiming at? Thanks
You can change the temperature displayed by changing option 2-04 in the installers menu (see installation instructions). During auto mode you can press the i button to see the other temperature.
How do I connect to my boiler I just moved in ??
If it is a combi boiler, it just wires to the thermostat terminals as well as the live and neutral terminals.
My living room has 3 electric radiators. Can I purchase additional receivers to work with the Tybox 137? If so at what cost? Thanks
The included receiver is not suitable for electric radiators. So you would have to buy the transmitter and receivers separately, please email us at with how many receivers you require and we will get a price for you.
Dear Srs, Is this thermostat compatible with Ariston Egis Plus 24 FF? Thanks.
Yes it is.
What radio frequency is using Tybox 137. We have problems with internet router situated close to Tybox transmitter. The heating stop working due to some interferences between both.
It is 868Mhz. It should be at least 1.5m away from other wireless devices.
Hi. Is the Tybox 137 compatible with the WB Greenstar 30i ErP condensing boiler? My father-in-law currently has the Salus ST630 with RF boiler control which he just can`t get the hang of using.
Yes it is.
How does the control update once it has been serviced to get rid of the spanner? Thanks
Turn the dial to the power position. Press the I button for 5 seconds Press the 2 button to enter the installer menu Press OK several times to get to menu 2-07 Use the + button to change it to 365 days (or amount of days until the next service) Press OK Turn the dial to auto to exit the installer menu and return to programme
how do i overide the programme during the period when it is switched off
You can press the top button to override it to comfort mode.
Is this control compatible with a biasi activa 25c combi boiler? Many thanks.
Yes it is.
Dear Sir/Madam, I wonder if TyBOX 137 is compatible with TYBOX 23. I would like to change transmitter 23 for 137 without changing already installed receiver. Please let me know. Thank you very much. Best regards, Marcela Stankusova
Yes you can.

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