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DEVIreg Touch Design Electric Underfloor Thermostat

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The DEVIreg Touch is one of the most advanced underfloor heating thermostat on the market. It features a sleek touchscreen display, an easy-to-use menu system, and a host of energy-saving features.

With the DEVIreg Touch, you can create custom schedules for your heating, including different temperatures for weekdays and weekends, as well as times when you're away from home. The thermostat also features open window detection, which will automatically turn off the heating if a window is opened, and a consumption meter, which tracks your heating usage so you can see how much you're saving.

The DEVIreg Touch is also incredibly easy to use. The touchscreen display is clear and easy to read, and the menu system is intuitive. You can even set up the thermostat using your smartphone or tablet with the DEVIreg Touch app.

If you're looking for a high-tech, energy-efficient underfloor heating thermostat, the DEVIreg Touch is the perfect choice for you. It's easy to use, packed with features, and will save you money on your heating bills.

Here are some of the key features of the DEVIreg Touch:

Touchscreen display with backlight

Easy-to-use menu system

Customizable schedules

Open window detection

Consumption meter

Compatible with most underfloor heating systems

Easy to install

Benefits of using the DEVIreg Touch:

Save money on your heating bills

Get the perfect temperature every time

Control your heating from anywhere with the DEVIreg Touch app

Easy to use and install

Sleek and stylish design

Five year warranty, including online replacement service

Code support feature for remote service – no need for costly call-outs

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