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Honeywell 40003918-006 Conversion / Repair Kit

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The Honeywell 40003918-006 has two uses:

1) As a conversion kit to use a new 40003916-001 replacement powerhead on an old style (pre 1986) V4043 or V8083 motorised valve.
A motorised valve that does not require this kit can be identified by a bump on the top of the powerhead.

2) Used to replace the innards on new style V4043H valve bodies. For example where the valve body is sticking or seized.

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Can I use my old powerhead (Pre 86) with this repair kit? Thanks Keith
No. You will need a new powerhead.
Hi - I am looking for a ball/arm repair kit for a Honeywell 28mm V3043H that sits under my fully working Powerhead 40003916-001 - will this kit fit ? Thanks
Hi. Yes it will.
is this suitable for Honeywell 3 port mid position valve please
No. You need the 40003918-007.
hi just ordered one of these, my pipe size is 28mm is the above ok. thanks barry
Yes it will fit any size.
Can you advise if the conversion kit will be suitable for a V6057 2 way valve ref A1000220/240V, if so could you please send me installation instructions.
No, I'm afraid it is not suitable for the V6057. You will need to replace the whole valve.

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