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Honeywell 40003918-007 Conversion / Repair Kit

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The Honeywell 40003918-007 has two uses:

1) As a conversion kit to use a new 40003916-003 replacement powerhead on an old style (pre 1986) V4073 motorised valve.
A motorised valve that does not require this kit can be identified by a bump on the top of the powerhead.

2) Used to replace the innards on new style V4073A valve bodies. For example where the valve body is sticking or seized.

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Will this repair kit be suitable for a 28mm 3 way valve V4073A1039-6, if not can you please advise if a kit is available thanks
Yes it will.
Hi, I have a 22mm V4073A that is letting by from hot water to central heating. Will this fit as I assume it's the rubber ball that wears? Thanks, Richard
Hi. Yes it will.
Hi, I have a Honeywell 28MM zone valve that has failed, although I can manually operate. It was installed in 1985. If I drain down, will this kit replace the current actuator ? Rgds.
Please let us know the model number of the zone valve you currently have, and we can advise.
Hi does this kit fit both the 22mm and the28mm valves and are instructions provided as to how line up the valve spindle with the actuator/power head Similarly does the 40003916 -003 power head fit both the 22mm and 28mm valve thanks
Yes both this and the 40003916-003 will fit any size V4073A valve. Instructions are included with the 40003916-003.
Would this kit replace the innards of my Potterton MSV322? The valve is working but only partially shuts off flow to the unrequired outlet. The spindle is not too stiff but can be rotated 360 degrees. Thanks
No, I'm afraid it only fits Honeywell valves. Potterton do not offer a similar kit, so it will need to be a complete valve change.

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