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Honeywell CM901 / CM907 / T4 Remote Sensor

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Remote Sensor for CM901/CM907/T4 thermostats.



Only 1 wired-in sensor may be used at a time

Model: F42010972-001





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Can the value from the sensor be used for certain hours during the day, and the other value from the CM907 for other hours of the same day?
I'm afraid not.

Can you let me know the dimensions of the unit please?
It is 72.5x70x29mm HxWxD
Is there an option on the CM907 to connect a Wi-fi adapter to enable a remote Wi-fi thermostat sensor in another room without the need for running a wire?
I'm afraid not
Our thermostat sits in the kitchen. It switches off too quickly as the temperature in the kitchen is higher than the rest of the house. Would this sensor be ok perhaps on the landing as this would allow the rest of the house to become the desired temp. Thanks
Assuming your thermostat is one of the ones listed, then yes. You will need to run a cable from the thermostat to your desired sensor location.
Can you recommend a minimum cable size to connect this unit, thanks.
It depends on the length. If it is just a short run, then you can use bell wire.
Hi I have a cm907 and it's in the master bedroom. It was placed near doorway and now a bookcase is on other side of it so it says the temp is hotter quicker than it is as air from window can't cool sensor. So I was thinking of buying this remote one to install in landing or nearby room(master bedroom doesn't need to be that hot) will this work and is it easy to do myself or should I call someone out. Thanks
Hi. Yes it would be suitable. You just need to run a cable from the CM907 to the sensor.
Hi Is this low voltage powered or 230v? Thanks
It's powered by the CM910 or CM907. It is a low voltage.
The boiler and cm907 is in a cold utility room so upstairs gets very warm. Can the remote temp sensor stay upstairs in my child's room to achieve the perfect temp?
Yes, as long as the cable to it is less than 50m.
Will this work as the only temperature sensor or as an or style function. Eg if a or b < desired temp fire until temp is reached on both?
No, once installed and enabled, this will work as the only temperature sensor.
is this compatible with any of honeywells internet connected stats?
No it isn't.
I've opened up my CM907 & there are no terminals where this sensor wires to (symbol is there on the plastic), are they supplied with the remote sensor? If not what is the part code for those? The CM907 has the pins where these plug into so must support it.
Yes the required terminal block is included with the sensor.

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