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Honeywell L641A Cylinder thermostat

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The L641 is a range of thermostats designed for surface mounting on domestic hot water cylinders

* 4(2)A SPDT contacts
* Dimensions 79x44x54mm HxWxD

Model: L641A1039 (replaces L641A1005)



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I have a Honeywell641A connect to a cylinder tank and use in conjunction with an iboost solar system. The monitor is telling me the water tank is hot throughout all temperature setting. Has the unit failed. Please advise
The iboost is normally used with electric immersion heaters. The Honeywell L461A is normally used with gas/oil boilers. It is unlikely the two are connected.
I currently have a Honeywell L641A1005. This is wired in with 4 wires Red, Brown, Black and Green & Yellow. I believe this new model uses only 2 wires, how would that wire in to this existing set up? I'm looking at a new 3 way motorised valve and actuator too...
This one will connect to your existing wiring. Except the earth wire which will just need to be isolated.
Can it be used on a pipe? If so what diameter range? What is temperature differential? Is differential adjustable?
The L641B is for connection to pipe. Please see the link below.

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