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Honeywell RF2 Wireless Pack 2

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The RF2 Pack Two from Honeywell includes a two channel programmer with a DT92E wireless thermostat. The programmer has the receiver for the wireless thermostat built-in so no extra installation of the receiver is required.

Ideal for systems with no thermostat.

The ST9420 programmer / receiver will replace any of the following with no change to backplate or wiring:
Honeywell ST712A ST722A ST772 ST6300A C21 C27 ST6200A ST6400A ST6450B ST6400C ST9400A ST9400C

Honeywell part number: Y9420H1008

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We currently have an oil fired system with a hot water tank. It currently has a Centaur Plus C27 programmable timer installed. There is no thermostat on the system. We wonder if it is possible to upgrade the current timer to a new one to give us the flexibility of a thermostat now. I have done some investigation and there isn't a direct replacement of the Centaur Plus C27 available as the only wireless one Hostman do only has a single channel. Would this Honeywell pack be a replacement to what I am looking for? Ideally, I'd like a straight drop-in to replace the timer along with the remote thermostat. Your help would be gratefully welcomed. Many thanks Ian Bain
Yes this one would be suitable. A simple swap.
Hi, Can i use this to replace my Honeywell ST699 controller. Is the wiring the same? Thanks
The terminal order is different, but it will connect to the same wires.
Does this come with a back plate.
Yes it does.
Can I use this to replace a Danfoss FP75
Yes you can.
Hi, I'm planning to retrofit this product as a direct replacement for a Drayton LP522. Do I need to modify the wiring within the junction box? If so, what? Thanks.
No, the wiring will be the same as the LP522.
Can I use this to replace Honeywell Smartfit programmer which has developed faulty temperature sensor. The backplate is connected to only two wires (Low voltage) which go up to a distributor panel feeding the motorised valve and condenser boiler. Sincerely, Nigel
I'm afraid not. You can only fit Smartfit controls on a Smartfit system
Hi could I use this to replace my Landi & Gyr Microgyr RWB20? Thanks Chris
Only if you have a neutral connected to the neutral terminal on the RWB20.

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