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Honeywell T6360B Room Thermostat

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The T6360 is a mains voltage room thermostat designed to give automatic temperature control of domestic hydronic heating systems. It may be used to switch directly circulating pump or boiler or to operate spring return or motor open/motor close zone valves.

* Maximum electrical load not to exceed 10A resistive 3A inductive.
* The T6360 may also be used for cooling applications.
* Mounts directly onto wall or conduit box
* Differential: typical 0.5°C max 1°C
* Temperature range 10-30°C
* SPDT contacts
* 10(3)A contacts (Heating)
* 6(2)A contacts (Cooling)
* Dimensions 83x83x40mm HxWxD.

Model: T6360B1028

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Hello, how reliable is the differential? I have a older mechanical honeywell thermostat controlling a condensing combi boiler and it let's temperature drop 2.5 to 3 degrees before it fires up. Thanks.
Hi.  The differential will be greatly impacted if a neutral is not connected.  I would recommend fitting an electronic thermostat instead for the best control.
Hello, I have this T6360B running off a Potterton EP2 and oil boiler. Can I leave the EP2 on continuous mode and and use a programable stat to change timings and temperature? If so which option would I have? Many thanks
Hi.  As long as you have one or more motorised valves on the system, so the programmer can bring the heating on without having to automatically bring on the hot water.

Can I replace my antic Honeywell t6060 room thermostat with the t6360b? The t6060 is wired as following No1Red No2 Blue No3 Yellow. Thanks
Yes, as long as it is controlling a gas or oil fired system, it will be a straight swap with the same terminal numbers.
Can I replace this thermostat with a 3rd generation Nest smart thermostat?
As long as you have one or more motorised valves, yes you can.
Is this thermostat compatible with the Siemens RWB2E programmer ?
Yes it is
Is this room thermostat compatible with ST9100A (1 day timer, 1 channel)?
Yes, as long as it is mains voltage switching (not a volt-free boiler)
are these available in chrome?
No I'm afraid not.
Are range-stops included with this thermostat? - or do I have to buy a bag of 20 even though I only need 2! thanks
No, I'm afraid they are not included with this thermostat, so you need to by a bag of stops separately. Most other manufacturers do include them with their thermostats.

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