Image is for illustration only and should not be relied upon Honeywell V4043H1106 (272887) 28mm 2 Port Motorised Valve

Honeywell V4043H1106 (272887) 28mm 2 Port Motorised Valve

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V4043H 1106

Sometimes marked as 272887.

Part of V4043 range

28mm 2 Port Zone Valve

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Can you tell me if it is easy to replace the motorised valve V4043H1106 without the copper valve and pipes being dismantled. I am hearing a click-click sound when the system is on? I believe I need to replace the mortised valve head and not the whole assembly. Would I need a plumber or an e,electrician to do this? Thank you.
As long as your one has the bump on the top of the head, then you can replace the head without the need to drain down or disturb the pipework.
Honeywell Motorised valve V4043- what is the difference between H1106 & H1056. Is the difference important?
The size of pipe they connect to. 1106 is 28mm 1056 is 22mm
To determine whether I need the complete valve assembly, or just to renew the motorised head, can you please advise how much the valve input shaft needs to turn to open and close the valve fully ?
It should move around 50 degrees.
Will this head fit on a 22mm valve? Can I buy just the head, note I need the 6 core including the white wire.
Yes it is HCO Code 02D01.
hi there, i'm looking for a honeywell motorised value V4043H1106 2 PORT 28MM with male nuts, your photo shows female nuts. Do you have this part with male nuts. cheers tom
Honeywell only do the 28mm one with female nuts. Please check yours is not 1" instead.
Does this product have a 5 core flex
It is 6 cores including earth (5 cores + earth). The white wire is not needed/used on S-Plan systems.
spring closed motorised valve reqd - is this one suitable? if not, which one? Honeywell preferred.
This product is powered to open, and spring returns closed on loss of power.

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