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Honeywell VC Valve Replacement Cartridge / Repair Kit

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 VCZZ1000 (2-Port)
VCZZ1000 (2-Port)
HCO Code: 15C08
In Stock £42.70 Ex Tax: £35.58
 VCZZ6000 (3-Port)
VCZZ6000 (3-Port)
HCO Code: 13C03
In Stock £37.92 Ex Tax: £31.60

Replacement cartridge suitable for all Honeywell VC valve bodies.


  • Quick and easy replacement of moving parts.
  • Restores valve to factory-new conditions.
  • Includes cartridge wrench.
  • Not recommended for use on Plastic valve bodies (Potterton Powermax)

    Use VCZZ1000 with two-way valves.
    Use VCZZ6000 with three-way valves. (Baxi Part Number 241361, Worcester Part Number 87161051320)

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I am looking to replace the cartridge on a VC4613 28mm 2 port valve, will the VCZZ1000 be the correct replacement kit ?
Yes it will.
I have a potterton powermax he, is there an alternative valve body available recommended for that? I have a new actuator, but the valve seems to be jammed. Thanks
I'm afraid not.
Hi, Looking to get a Honeywell VC valve replacement cartridge repair kit for a VC4013 actuator with 28mm valve body. Is the VCZZ6000 compatible with same and dies it come with the wrench. Do you sell th3 valve body direct. Replacement for NIBE 3 Way Valve from Fighter 1240 heat pump
Yes, it comes with a wrench. The VCZZ6000 is compatible with all 3-port brass bodies used with the VC actuators. If you let us know the size of the valve we can get a price for the valve.
Does the cartridge fit VC6012-34 Actuator and likewise the tool required? Many thanks, Brian C
As the body is plastic, It is not recommended (as damage may be made to the body during fitting).
Does the cartridge fit 1" VC3613 3 port body and one requires tool to undo and extract from body. Is that available?
Yes it does. The tool is included with the kit.

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