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Horstmann (Secure) Beanbag Smart Wireless Thermostat

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Standard Pack
Standard Pack
HCO Code: 11A03
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2 Zone + Hot Water Pack
2 Zone + Hot Water Pack
HCO Code: 17A01
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Beanbag is a smart heating and hot water control system equipped with best-in-class features to maintain comfort levels while minimising energy consumption. Beanbag adapts to the user's lifestyle, ensuring that the home is heated to the right level to suit occupancy and activity. Beanbag can be installed in residential properties either as a new fitment, or to replace existing thermostats and programmers. Beanbag works with gas, oil, or electric boilers, and with heat interface units (HIUs).

The basic Beanbag kit comprises a Gateway, a Receiver, a Thermostat and a free smartphone app for iPhone or Android devices. Beanbag devices communicate with each other by radio (using the Z-Wave® system). No additional wiring is necessary for retrofit properties, and no wiring beyond what is normally necessary for boiler and valve control at the receiver in the case of new installs. Physical installation time, cost and disruption are minimised through intelligent design and processes. The Gateway connects to the home router over Wi-Fi and then to the back-end server through the home broadband connection.

The Beanbag app (Android and iOS) provides full control of heating and hot water, anytime from anywhere. Users gain a more consistently comfortable environment, while saving energy and money. Beanbag provides scheduling of heating by temperature and time, and hot water by time (for heat only boiler/ system boilers). The app gives control to multiple users, at any time, from anywhere with an Internet connection

Three Packs Available:

Standard Pack - 1 Heating Zone plus optional Hot Water
2 Zone Pack - 2 Heating Zones (no Hot Water)
2 Zone + Hot Water - 2 Heating Zones plus Hot Water

Features and benefits:

  • App control of heating and hot water via smartphone facilitates
  • Whole house central heating and hot water control
  • In-house temperature and humidity sensing
  • Mould and dampness detection
  • Gives users full control of their heating, even when away from home
  • Beanbag Thermostat allows the set point to be adjusted locally, without using the app
  • Instant heating and hot water boost facility included on Beanbag Receiver
  • Convenient wall mounting
  • High quality OLED display provides high contrast and wide viewing angle
  • Fail-safe provision ensures continuous operation in the event of network problems
  • Advanced energy saving control using timeproportional integral (TPI) algorithm
  • App has special features to assist installers installing and testing Beanbag equipment

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