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Horstmann (Secure) CStat 17ZW Wireless Programmable Thermostat

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C-Stat 17-ZW is an electronic programmable thermostat that combines time and temperature control in a completely new design with particular attention paid to the styling and the user interface which features easy to use menu driven programming and a clear 70mm blue backlit display.The C-Stat ZW is battery powered and has wireless connectivity using proven Z-Wave technology to communicate with its receiver. The C-Stat 17ZW offers 7 day programming with up to six temperature settings per day..



  • Control of most domestic gas or oil-powered central heating systems
  • Control of additional heating zones
  • Combination ('combi') boilers
  • Control of solid-fuel heating systems


  • TPI temperature control software - Tests show a 10% energy saving when used with condensing boilers
  • Temperature range adjustable between 5°C and 30°C
  • Automatic BST/GMT time adjustment
  • Reliable Z-Wave wireless communication
  • Voltage free contacts
  • Simple Menu Driven programming

    Options include:

  • Time and temperature settings
  • Holiday programme
  • Optimum start
  • Tamperproof security code
  • Upper and lower temperature limits
  • Frost protection








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How do you turn off the thermostat when the heating is not required during the summer months, is there an off button or do you need to change all the temperature setting to low so the heating does not come on
Enter the menu by pressing enter twice. Then choose the standby option.
Do I have to set the programmes or can I use it manually,
You can use it manually. This is called 'permanent override' in the manual.
Hi I have an existing Horstmann 425 Tiara - will the receiver unit fit the existing block for easier installation please? Also I have separate water / CH settings (20 yr old oil fired non Combi boiler) - I’m reading that this only supports a single setting - is this correct please and will it still support both?
This does not control hot water, so you will need to keep the Tiara for the hot water and install the receiver next to the Tiara for the heating.
Will this unit control hot water as well heating using a cylinder stat ? Can it be programmed to switch the hot water on/off at different times ?
No. This doesn't control hot water at all.
Can you control/manage the settings of the thermostat by another z-wave main control unit? For example if the z-wave main unit is connected to the internet and you want to change settings of the Horstmann CStat 17ZW remotely via the main unit.
We don't believe this is currently possible.
Is there a boost button on the thermostat to allow the heating to come on for up to an hr, even though the programme clock is set to auto and its not the time for the "on" period?
Yes, it is not a dedicated button, but it is a quite simple process.
we are landlords and want to set the time and temperature on the clock so the tennants carnt change it to have it on 30 degrees all day long is this possible, as we pay the bills lol
Yes you can lock it with a PIN code.
Can you tell me how many on/off intervals you can set per day with this unit? Is it possible to have different settings for weekend days?
There are 6 time/temperature changes. Which is equal to 3 on/offs. Yes, you can have different for each day of the week.

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