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Horstmann HRFS1 (RFT1) Wireless Programmamable Thermostat

Brand: Horstmann
HCO Code: 21B12
Price: £51.59 £29.99
Ex VAT: £24.99
Stock: In Stock
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Q: I have a boiler that provides heating to a number of radiators and a separately controlled underfloor heating system of that. At present it uses a simple temperature sensor. Electrically the RF1 receiver appears compatible. Can I replace the underfloor controller with a separate RFT1 receiver so it operates whenever the boiler does? If so can I buy the receiver separately?

A: Sometimes the neutral needed by the receiver is not connected. If you let us know the make/model of the one you are replacing we can check. The receiver is not available separately.
Q: I have the same hortsmann T50 illustrated but I cannot reduce the temperature manually when it gets too hot and the boiler keeps heating up. Is the thermostat broken and need replacing? Will l need to change the receiver on the wall?

A: If the light goes off on the receiver, then it is possible that the fault lies elsewhere and needs investigating. If the light stays on, then the problem will be with the thermostat.
Q: We have a T50 RF programmable Horstmann. Unfortunately someone has stood on the transmitter and broken the screen. The unit still works. (It looks like the one on the picture) Is this a suitable replacement and do I have to change the receiver (up, near the boiler) as well? Many thanks, Terri.

A: If it looks the same, then it will be suitable. You will not need to replace the receiver, just make the DIP switches on the new unit match the ones on the old one.
Q: I have a Horstmann C-stat17B unit controlling my heating system. It works fine but it's in the wrong position. (near a door, near the kitchen and too close to the radiator) No possibility to re-locate it so am looking for a wireless thermostat, putting the sender unit where the C17B is now and placing the wirelss unit in a better place...or wherever I want it. Would the Horstman HRFS1 do the trick or can you suggest an alternative. Many thanks

A: Unfortunately the connections to the Cstat17-B are not sufficient for a wireless receiver. You will need to install the receiver near the boiler or in the airing cupboard (depending on your system).
Q: If I bought the HRFS1 with or without the receiver, would I be able to fit the transmitter only. ie. would it work with the original receiver?

A: Yes, you can get the new transmitter to talk to the old receiver as long as they have the same model number.
Q: Hi, I have set the temperature at 21 and the display is going no higher than 18 . Do I need to reset it

A: Hi. Give support a call on 01962 826213. They will do some checks.
Q: Hi. How do I change the day and time on thermostat?

A: Press and hold SET and SELECT in Normal mode for 3 seconds to enter Clock setting mode. • Clock, Day-of-Week, and "SET" are displayed. All other indicators are cleared. "Hour" is flashing to indicate that it is the selected item to be adjusted. • Release SELECT, press up or down to increase or decrease the "hour" respectively. • Press and release SELECT, press up or down to increase or decrease the "minute" respectively. • Press and release SELECT, press up or down to cycle the Day of Week from "M" to "SU". • Press and release SELECT to allow change of "hour" again. • Press SET at any time to confirm the setting and return to normal mode. • Thermostat will return to normal mode if no key pressed for 15 seconds, Clock is also updated with the latest setting
Q: I have a Horstmann HRFSI Thermostat .. which has developed a fault It will not switch off the pump when temp is reached not a comms problem have tried with thermostat next to the receiver I have to switch receiver off and then on again for it to operate normally but then the same problem.No problem switching on just will not switch off. Happy to buy a new set from you if that will fix problem ..but want to fix if poss Thanks Maurice

A: You can call support on 01962 826213, but I don't think a fix is likely.
Q: Hello I have fitted an RFT1 system to my boiler. The receiver doesn't switch off (green led stays on) when the set temperature is reached (21deg) and the revolving fan disappears. If I set a lower temperature, then a higher temperature, i.e. 25 deg, the revolving fan appears. I then set a lower temp, i.e. 18 deg, the revolving fan disappears and the receiver switches off I then reset the required temperature to 21 deg. When the thermostat switches the receiver on, the whole process repeats. Any suggestions please Regards.

A: Hi. It sounds like there are communication issues. Try moving it to a location nearer the receiver.
Q: Would this work with a morco gb24 series 2 combi

A: Yes it would.
Q: I have Horstmann HRFS1 but the buttons are playing up, how easy is it to install a new one, can I do it or do I need an heating engineer to do it

A: It is very easy as you can set it to work with the existing receiver. Just change the code switches on the new thermostat so they match the old one.
Q: Hi, Finally sussed our how to programme the T50 thermostat, but the minimum temperature will not set below 10 degrees. Is this preset or can you reset to a lower temperature???

A: Hi. No, you cannot programme a temperature below 10C.
Q: Hi. How do I override the settings to put the heating on during the day? Thanks

A: Hi In the normal operation mode, the current set temperature can be overriden by pressing the UP or DOWN button. When in override, the new set temperature will be displayed with the HAND icon on and both the CONF and ECON icons off.
Q: Hi Once you have set your programs could you tell me how long heating is on for before going off.

A: Hi. It is on until the set temperature is reached.
Q: The clocks have just gone back, how to I change the clock please

A: • Press and hold SET and SELECT in Normal mode for 3 seconds to enter Clock setting mode. • Clock, Day-of-Week, and "SET" are displayed. All other indicators are cleared. "Hour" is flashing to indicate that it is the selected item to be adjusted • Release SELECT, press up or down to increase or decrease the "hour" respectively. • Press SET to confirm the setting and return to normal mode. • Thermostat will return to normal mode if no key pressed for 15 seconds.
Q: Hi, when setting the programs up if I want the heating to switch off when it reaches say 20' , what do I set the set point at ?

A: Hi. If you want it to heat to and maintain 20C, then set it to 20C.
Q: Is this compatible with a baxi combi 105he? Is the install easy? Thanks

A: Yes it is. You just run a 4-core cable between boiler and receiver. So a fairly simple fit.
Q: the green light on the power control unit will not come on, therefore no central heating, any ideas on how to fix this? turned everything on and off, wireless transmitter box working ok.

A: There is a manual override under the cover. Check to see if this is working.
Q: Hi My LCD screen is not displaying properly and it is very difficult to read the display. The battery icon is reading low (hence the above issue). However I have replaced the batteries and the fault still occurs and the battery icon is still low. Could you please advise. Many thanks.

A: Hi Double check the new batteries are good. If they are, reset the thermostat by pressing the small reset button on the front with a pin.
Q: I have changed the batteries in my portable control. Can you please tell me how to switch the controls back on

A: If it doesn't come back on straight away, then press the reset button with a pin.
Q: The system is ignoring instructions from the control unit- it won't switch on/off at the time points set. Also, although the heating is on, the revolving symbol is not shown. Can you suggest a solution please.

A: If the receiver light is going on/off as expected, then check the motorised valve. If not, then change the channel it is broadcasting on.
Q: Is this the price for both the thermostat and the reciever together? thanks Simon

A: Yes it is.
Q: We have a shared office two separate floors without access to each other sharing one boiler. We have a Hortsmann HRFS1 in the ground floor and working. Would it be possible to add a second so the first floor so the other occupier could increase the boiler operation times if they were working late etc?

A: Yes, as long as you have the suitable zone valves to separate out the flow to the two floors.
Q: I need to change the batteries in the controller but I don’t understand the manual!? Can someone help. Where is the reset button?

A: Give support a call on 01179 788 773. They will talk you through it.
Q: how do i turn off the rf programmable room stat when i go on holliday?

A: Just press the FROST button.
Q: Recently purchased this thermostat. I think my unit is working the opposite way it should. When I move the set point temp below the room temp the heating comes on and when I turn it up it goes off. I know it can be used as a cooler but reading the manual I’m sure I’ve made the adjustments so as it’s working as a heater. Can you help

A: If the light on the receiver is on when the heating is off (and vice versa), then the receiver is wired wrong (wired to SL off instead of SL on).
Q: can I change the frost protection temperature setting from 5 degrees to 15 degrees

A: It cannot be changed.
Q: I have a horstmann thermostat and controller fitted to my combi boiler similar to this one. They both work fine but the display on the thermostat is faulty. Can I purchase this ( understand I need to purchase both items) and pair the new thermostat with the existing controller wired to the boiler.

A: Yes you can.
Q: We have recently moved into our property, it has an HRFS1 installed. 2 Questions, 1, Where is the receiver likely to be located ? 2, How do I access the DIP switches on the transmitter and receiver ?

A: If you have a combi boiler, then it will normally be installed next to the boiler. If you have a traditional system with a hot water cylinder, then it will normally be in the airing cupboard. You will need to remove the cover to access the DIP switch. For the receiver you will need to switch off the electric before you do.
Q: Can you please help me, I don’t know how to switch on my heaters with horstmann Can you send me please some instructions Thank you Floriana

A: A manual is available under the downloads tab.
Q: Hi there I want to have no timer settings and just use the thermostat manually and turn up and down when I want but I can't see to work out how to do this please can someone help

A: Hi. I'm afraid this thermostat doesn't have a manual mode. I can only suggest setting all the time/temperature programs to happen early in the morning, then you can use the temporary over ride during the day.
Q: How do I link them together

A: There are DIP switches on both thermostat and receiver. You must make sure they are set the same.
Q: Hello, I understand that you set the temperature with this thermostat and not an on off time period. However I am confused by the 5 programme settings. Does each programme run for a specific period of time eg 1 hour? I want to have the heating on from 6am to 7am and then from 6pm to 10pm at 19* every day. Can you advise how I should programme each of the 5 daily programmes to achieve this please. Many thanks for your time.

A: It runs until the next setting. You set: 1) 6am 21C 2) 7am 5C 3) 6pm 21C 4) 10pm 5C 5) 10pm 5C
Q: Does th hrsf1 come with a stand for freestanding on a shelf etc .

A: Yes it does.
Q: Can you please send me by email the instructions to the thermostat above T50 which I bought, as I have lost the instructions. Many thanks, B Butcher

A: You can download it from the "Downloads" tab.
Q: Hi How do i adjust the temperature on the thermostat, I couldn't understand it on the manual

A: To adjust it temporarily, just use the up arrow button. It will go back to programmed setting on the next time/temperature change (or you can use SET button to cancel it).
Q: Please can you tell me if there is a manual override setting which is constant?

A: I'm afraid not.
Q: how do I know when my heater is working. doers the unit show any displays to show it is working? thank you

A: There is a symbol on the display, and a LED light on the receiver, when the heating is on.
Q: Is the HRFS1 a direct replacement for a Horstmann CS17, that is to say will it fit on the CS17 base without any wiring changes?

A: I'm afraid not.
Q: Could you please tell me how to change the time. I would be very grateful. Thank you.

A: Please see pages 16 and 17 of the manual (downloads tab).
Q: I currently have this controller installed on my boiler. The numbers (temperature figures) are starting to disappear, what do I do. If I need to replace the unit can I just replace the display box on the wall or do I have to also change the box attached to the boiler.

A: Try changing the batteries. If that doesn't help, then you will probably need to change it. Although they are only sold as pairs, you can set the new controller to work with your existing receiver.
Q: Can you please tell me how to do a reset...we have inherited one with settings all over the place ..its so complicated to reprogramme ...its beaten us after 2 days of trying

A: There is a reset button on the bottom left. You will need a pin or similar to press it.
Q: Is it possible to programme both a START and a FINISH time for each day?

A: You programme temperatures instead of on and offs, so you could programme (for example) 20C in the morning and 5C in the evening.
Q: Hi if it's not possible to turn this ch programmer off (off mode) how do I turn it off in summer?

A: You use the frost protection mode in the Summer.
Q: the last tennants have disposed the instructions !and i dont know how to use it

A: You can download it from the downloads tab.
Q: Is there a way to completely disable the programmes on this thing? Mine has several times set from previous owners all I can do is edit the programmes but want to turn it off and use it just when I want to by setting the temperature. Thanks.

A: I'm afraid it doesn't have a manual mode.
Q: Hi, Is it possible to use 2 thermostat on 1 receiver? Also, could you kindly please point me to where I can download these instructions to attach an additional thermostat as my plumber/installer has disposed of the manuals etc. Thanks Duc

A: I'm afraid not. The receiver will listen to only one thermostat. You will need to install a second receiver.
Q: I have this product but the wireless controller is broken, if I get a replacement controller will it sync automatically?

A: You will need to change the address code switches on the new one to match the old one. They will then work together. Details are included in the installation manual.
Q: I have an existing HRFS1 programmable room stat controlling my heating but I am hoping I can add another receiver paired to my existing thermostat to control some underfloor heating as well, would 1 thermostat control 2 receivers? And if so can I buy an additional HRFS1 receiver?

A: It will control multiple receivers, but they are not available separately.
Q: Can this be used on a boiler with a hot water tank?

A: As long as there is 2 x 2-Port or 1 x 3-Port motorised valves. This will not control hot water, a separate control is needed for hot water.
Q: Is this stable to control a 2.75 kw electric radiator?

A: Yes it is.
Q: Can two separate stats be used within the same building to control two separate zones within the building

A: Yes they can.
Q: Good morning, I have a Horstmann RF programmable room thermostat with the number inside the receiver T50. could you please tell me if the HRFS1 ( which looks the same ) is the replacement and I do not have to change the wiring inside the receiver. Many thanks for your time PJH

A: I'm afraid that is not the model number. Please email us a photo to sales@heatingcontrolsonline.co.uk and we will identify it.
Q: Hi, can the controller be purchased on it's own?

A: I'm afraid not.
Q: Hello. Can the receiver be purchased on its own?

A: I'm afraid it is only available as a pair.

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Control Centre: - Can be placed anywhere in the home to detect and control the temperature of an area of the user’s choice. Not limited by power control wiring locations.

  • Link with the Receiver via R F. Control distance 60M open site
  • LCD shows the "need to know" information only, which is easier to understand.
  • Real time clock with day of the week display
  • Room temperature display
  • Programme set-point display - Simplified temperature adjustment - Simplified programming procedure
  • Default factory preset programme from start up or reset
  • 5-2 or 7 day programming
  • Frost Protection pre set at 5˚C
  • Temporary override set-temperature
  • User selectable temperature span
  • User selectable heater/cooler operation mode
  • Battery level detection
  • 2 AA size alkaline batterie s
  • Slim housing design
  • EL backlight

    Receiver: - Linked with Control Centre via RF .

  • Power control rating 230V AC up to 16A resistive .
  • Powered by line voltage only. No battery required.
  • Two L E D indicators for power and output status.

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