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Horstmann HRFS1 (RFT1) (T50) Wireless Programmamable Thermostat

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Control Centre: - Can be placed anywhere in the home to detect and control the temperature of an area of the user’s choice. Not limited by power control wiring locations.

  • Link with the Receiver via R F. Control distance 60M open site
  • LCD shows the "need to know" information only, which is easier to understand.
  • Real time clock with day of the week display
  • Room temperature display
  • Programme set-point display - Simplified temperature adjustment - Simplified programming procedure
  • Default factory preset programme from start up or reset
  • 5-2 or 7 day programming
  • Frost Protection pre set at 5˚C
  • Temporary override set-temperature
  • User selectable temperature span
  • User selectable heater/cooler operation mode
  • Battery level detection
  • 2 AA size alkaline batterie s
  • Slim housing design
  • EL backlight

    Receiver: - Linked with Control Centre via RF .

  • Power control rating 230V AC up to 16A resistive .
  • Powered by line voltage only. No battery required.
  • Two L E D indicators for power and output status.

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  • Please see page 16 of the manual.  The manual can be downloaded under the downloads tab.

  • You can press the frost button to put it into frost mode.  It will only then come on if there is a risk of the pipes freezing.

    There isn't a mode for permanently on
  • It is likely the programmer has been overridden to avoid it clashing with the programmable thermostat. Programming must be done on the thermostat.
  • You can press in the tab on the top with a small screwdriver. It will then hinge down.
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