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Horstmann (Secure) HRT4-ZW Wireless Digital Thermostat

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Horstmann HRT4ZW Digital Thermostat with TPI


  • HRT4-ZW - Wireless Z-Wave electronic room thermostat and ASR-ZW receiver
  • TPI energy saving software (adjustable for Gas Oil and Electric systems)
  • Backlit Display
  • For use with a new installation or as a replacement
  • 3 amp volt free change over contacts
  • Ideal for use with combi boilers
  • Temperature ange 5-30°C
  • Proven Z-Wave wireless technology.
  • Features a constant RF status display with its receiver being mains powered with volt free contacts.

    Receiver: 86x86x36.25mm HxWxD
    Thermostat: 86x86x36.25mm HxWxD

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What is the wireless range for this device? I have just had one installed but it keeps losing the connection between receiver and transmitter.
As with all wireless devices, range will vary enormously. Depending on amount and construction of walls and ceilings, amount of other wireless devices, etc. For that reason a figure is not published. I would recommend moving the thermostat nearer the receiver.
I want to replace Simvic TLM 2253 3 wire room stats controlling UFH is this stat suitable?
I'm afraid not. It requires a permanent supply which the TLM does not have.
I replaced a Horstmann HRT3 by a Horstmann HRT4-ZW. They're connected to a Vaillant ecoTec plus boiler. As the new receiver is blocking the heating of the boiler, is it possible that they're not compatible?
The HRT4ZW requires a permanent live to the receiver. The HRT3 usually only has a switched live from the timer. So you cannot do a direct swap.
I have an Alpha cd35c combi boiler with a 24hr mechanical clock fitted to the boiler. I would like to be able to control the heating with a wireless thermostat that i can take from one room to another is this product suitable
No, the thermostat is designed to be wall mounted. HCO code 04D04 would be a good product for you.
I have a Horstmann Channelplus H27XL controller for heating and hot water, the thermostat is currently an old wired ACL Drayton, however we wish to put a wireless thermostat in a different room and get rid of the old Drayton thermostat. Is the HRT4-ZW receiver a straight-forward wiring swop for the Drayton unit? Thanks.
Unfortunately it is not a simple swap as the receiver needs a permanent live, but your existing one is unlikely to have one. It would be best to install the receiver next to the programmer as you can use the permanent live connected to that.
can you buy the thermostat without the controller as we already have the c17-zw but have somehow lost the thermostat
I'm afraid not.
What is the max distance between controler and stat
It is 30m in open air. Walls and ceilings will reduce this.
Hi, Can this be used on an old Potterton boiler? Currently have Honeywell DT92e which keeps losing signal pairing
Yes it can. The receiver will connect to the same 4 wires as the Honeywell receiver.
Can the HRT4-ZW be set to night and day modes. Programmable?
No, it is just a plain up-down thermostat.
Hi Does this item include both the controller/thermostat and the relay? Many thanks
Yes it does.
Is this compatible with an Oil Worcester heatslave 15/19 with an internal programmer please? Many thanks
Yes it is.
Can I have two of these operating in the same house without signal conflict?
Yes you can
Can I program and control this thermostat with my existing Z-wave based home automation system?
There are conflicting reports around compatibility with various system. You will need to contact the manufacturer of the system to confirm.
How do you take this unit apart to change the batterys.
To change the batteries it is necessary to remove the thermostat from the wall. To do this first undo the two captive screws at the base of the thermostat and swing the thermostat up and away from the wallplate. Remove the old batteries and replace them with two new AAA size alkaline batteries ensuring that they are fitted correctly as indicated by the terminal markings in the battery compartments.

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