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Lockable Thermostat Guard

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HCO Code: 12A02
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* Complete with key for tamperproofing.
* Holes in frame allow air to circulate freely.
* Easy to install - flush mounted.
* Max. Size of thermostat 156x91x65mm HxWxD.
* Outer dimensions of guard: 190x120x75mm HxWxD

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We have a Honeywell CM907. Which guard would be best for this?
This will fit over a CM907.
Looking for lockable guards for the following CM927 wireless Berrcom JXB-178 Honeywell single thermostat Can you help with any of these
This will fit over a Honeywell CM927 or a Y87RF2024. The Berrcom is a handheld infrared thermometer. It is not suitable for this.
When you unlock it does the whole of the front cover come off or does it hinge open?
The whole front cover comes off.
Will this fit over Drayton Lifestyle Programmer?
No. I would recommend HCO code 25A14 instead.
Will this fit over hive thermostatic control?
No. You will need HCO code 25A14.
Does this guard fit over a Landis & Staefa RWB9 unit. If not what would you suggest. Many thanks
Yes it will.
Hi I need a lockable guard to fit Honeywell t6360 90 by 90 and 37 depth which would you recommend
Hi. This one would be suitable.
Would this lockable unit be suitable for a Fischer Future Heat Thermostat - I would need 4 guards if they would fit. Thank you
Can you please let us know the model number or a photo of it. We will then check it for you.
Hello, with this cover fit a HIVE smart stat?
Assuming it is the current model, no. I would recommend the larger guard 25A14.
will it fit over Salus model RT500RF
No. You will need HCO code 25A14
Does the lockable thermostat guard fit the honeywell Lyric T6 smart thermostat Y6H910WF1011?
No. You will need the larger programmer guard.
will this work with a timeguard TS900N immersion heater timeswitch
Yes it will.
Hi Will this fit an Emmeti CS 11 programmable thermostat
Yes it will.
Hi is this the correct size for the Worcester Bosch MT10RF mechanical timer please
Yes it will just fit
I am looking for a lockable cover for my aunts room thermostat, she has dementia and keeps turning her heating down. The thermostat on the wall is approximately H 9cm x W 9cm x D 3.5. Can you advise which size cover I would need to order please?
As long as it is no bigger than that size, then this one would be suitable.
Is the lock a barrell style like the one shown in the picture? Are the keys generic between x2 of this same product?
Yes, The keys are interchangeable and extra keys can be ordered.
Does the rear of the case have an 'open back' so I wont need to un-mount the stat' off of the wall?
Yes, it has that option.
If I place an order for a quantity of 15 of these, can you fullfil that order to dispatch on the day?
As long as it is ordered before the cut off time, then yes.
does the guard just fit over to existing thermostat
Yes, that's correct.
How is this fastened? Is it screwed to the wall? Or does it somehow attach to the thermostat?
Yes, it screws to the wall.
Hi, would this thermostat guard fit a Honeywell CM927?
Yes it would.
Hello. Will this thermostat guard fit a CM907 thermostat?
Yes it will.
Will this work with a Danfoss wireless room stat, or will the enclosure interupt radio signal
It will work fine. It will not effect the wireless signal.

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