Image is for illustration only and should not be relied upon Campini Corel TS9510 Immersion Thermostat

Campini Corel TS9510 Immersion Thermostat

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Immersion Thermostat with 1/2" BSP Pocket.

​​Adjustment range: 0-90°C
Maximum temperature: 90°C
Contact rating: 250V 16(3)A


 Replaces TS9310

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Are NC and NO contacts both rated at 16A or only the NC contact? I want to use both to switch between two 3kW immersion heaters so only one heater is on at a time.
No. The closing contact is 6(1)A. I would recommend using a relay for that contact.
Can I preset a value IRO 22-26C using this device and what is the temp differential between opening and reclosing the contact?
Yes. The differential is 2C +/- 5C.
What is the temperature tollarance between off and on. How many degrees difference
It is 2K-5K
SPST or SPDT contacts
They are SPDT
What is the length and diameter of the probe
it is 6.5mmx86mm

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