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M28x1.5 Thermal Actuator

M28x1.5 Thermal Actuator Image is for illustration only and should not be relied upon
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- 230v 2-Wire

HCO Code: BU256
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- 230v 4-Wire

HCO Code: BU257
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- 24v 2-Wire

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Q: Thanks for prompt delivery of this item which I have now fitted. Even when power off it shows the blue cap - should it not close? The instruction leaflet mentions a 'first-open' function, but it is unclear what this is, or whether it needs to be activated in some way. Thank you for clarifications, John

A: It is delivered in a half-open position to allow easy fixing and filling of new systems. Once the actuator has been powered for more than 6 minutes (first open function) it will start to fully close when power is removed.
Q: Is this a direct replacement for icma 82983nc54

A: Yes it is.
Q: Hi I asked if normally open or closed so if normally closed when energies this actuator will open to show blue like in the picture?

A: Hi. Yes that's correct.
Q: Hi is this normally open or closed?

A: Hi. They are normally closed.
Q: I have Wirsbo manifolds installed in 1990 and want to replace some of the thermal actuators. Will the two wire unit fit the threads on existing manifold?

A: Yes they will.
Q: icma 8200nc54, electrothermic actuator valve, need a replacement, need to operate upside down.

A: This actuator can be used upside down.
Q: Received my actuator, no bother, thanks. Sorry to bother you again but I have a problem. I want to do a straight swop with the old unit but the wiring colours are different - red, brown, black & blue on the old one; grey, brown, black & blue on the new one. I wonder if you can help - is it as simple of connecting the new grey wire to where the current red one is? Thanks.

A: Yes that's correct.
Q: I have Honeywell actuators on underfloor heating. At least one of the three appears to be failing. Unfortunately the model number on the actuators themselves is Z100 - ZBGE, but on tags attached to them it says Z100GBE. Can you please advise which replacement I would need? Also, I don’t know how the actuators work. When the ‘pin’ on the actuator protrudes, is it allowing water flow or stopping it? Thanks for your help.

A: This is the one you need. When the pin on the actuator protrudes, it depresses the pin on the manifold which stops flow. When power is applied to the actuator, the pin on the actuator retracts to allow flow.
Q: Hello, I have Honeywell actuators M100 BGE WF and i’ve been adviced by them to buy the MT4 230S NC However, the MT4 230S NC does not fit to the manifold (the MT4 230S NC is a M30x1,5 size and is too big to screw it on the manifold). Do you have the right actuator ? Thanks in advance

A: Yes, this is the one you need.
Q: I bought Honeywell (MT4-230S-NC) to replace my old Honeywell (M100-BGE-WF) but they will not screw on to the manifold. Seem's Honeywell's thread size on the MT4-230S-NC is smaller than their M100-BGE-WF. Do you know if the M21x1.5 has the exact same thread size as honeywells old M100-BGE-WF ?

A: Yes they are.
Q: Hi, I have existing Wirsbo fernthermatic 24V / 3W ts-zu Typ: 3t60V74 3F made in Germany. I believe it's 2 wire. Can you please advise if this Thermal Actuator would be a suitable replacement ? Thank you

A: Yes it would.
Q: I have a wirsbo thermo motor 24 v 3w su 60y 74 b1 by fernthermatic Will this work as replacement

A: Yes it will.
Q: Hi, I need to replace a Wirsbo fernthermatic 24V/3w 2 wire actuator. Code 3t60Y74-1A. Is this a suitable replacement ? Many thank

A: Yes it is.
Q: Does the two wire 230 volt version come complete with the cable?. Also is the cable hard wired into the actuator or is there a connector?

A: Yes it does. It is hardwired into the actuator.
Q: Will this replace a HERZ 1 7710 00? Many thanks.

A: Yes, it will.
Q: I currently have 230V taconova NC 58.000 so do I need the 2 wire or 4 wire version pls?

A: It will be the 2-wire version.
Q: Will this easily replace HERZ 1770853 and is normally off

A: Yes it will.
Q: I need a replacement for a icma 82001nc53. Do I need the 2 or the 4 wire 230v model Many thanks

A: You will need the 2-wire model.
Q: Hi I need thermal actuator, the code on mine is Z100-BGE-WF. Is this the correct one I need, it is 4 wire and 28mm. Thanks Gareth

A: Yes it is.
Q: Please advise connection style between actuator head and valve body. My ICMA 82001NC53 NC↓230Vac 50/60Hz has a 4 lug plastic component attachment, is this compatible? Does this actuator come with a flying lead, if so what length? Thanks Gordon

A: You will need to unscrew the 4 lug adaptor from the manifold and attach the new actuator to the thread underneath. It comes with a 1m lead.

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Thermal actuator for fitting manifolds (or replacing thermal actuators) manufacturered by:

Wirsbo Fernthermatic (old style)
Roth (old style)
TA (old style)
Comap (old style)
ICMA 82982NC53, 82982NC54, 82983NC54, 82983NC53, 82001NC53
Taconova Novadrive 257.2858.000, 257.1858.000, 257.2658.000
Behr X7 592 69 1H

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