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M28x1.5 Thermal Actuator

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 230v 4-Wire
230v 4-Wire
HCO Code: BU253
 In Stock £41.66 Ex VAT: £34.72
 230v 2-Wire
230v 2-Wire
HCO Code: BU254
 In Stock £35.71 Ex VAT: £29.76
 24v 2-Wire
24v 2-Wire
HCO Code: BU252
 In Stock £34.72 Ex VAT: £28.93

Thermal actuator for fitting manifolds (or replacing thermal actuators) manufactured by:

Wirsbo Fernthermatic (old style)
Roth (old style)
TA (old style)
Comap (old style)
ICMA 82982NC53, 82983NC54, 82983NC53, 82001NC53
Taconova Novadrive 257.2858.000, 257.1858.000, 257.2658.000
Behr X7 592 69 1H
ICC 540.32

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  • Hi. Please email us a photo of the actuator and the valve/manifold it fits and we will recommend something.
  • It is delivered in a half-open position to allow easy fixing and filling of new systems. Once the actuator has been powered for more than 6 minutes (first open function) it will start to fully close when power is removed.
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