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Mechanical Timer for Combi Boilers

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HCO Code: 22E01
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Baxi Part No. 241087 247206
Potterton / Main Part No. 247206 31/19053
Vokera Part No. 201 0032
Halstead Part No. 600520
Alpha Part No. 6.1000201
Ferroli Part No. 812800 39800510
Ariston Part No. 569294
Ideal 176506 
Diehl 880 (230v models)

Plug-in replacement integral timeswitch for the following boilers:


Alpha Baxi Ferroli (non-HE models only) Halstead Potterton / Main Vokera Wickes
CD C (CD25C CD28C CD35C) Platinum Optimax 25 ACE Performa Syntesi Combi 102
CD50 Maxflow Modena ACE High Promax Synergy Combi 82
CD S (CD18S CD24S CD30S) Instant 77FF FINEST Platinum Gold Linea  
HE SY25 80 100FF EDEN CB Puma Mynute Ariston
CB24 (CB24C CB24X) 130HE Optima CLUB Statesman Hydra Eurocombi SX20
CB28 (CB28C CB28X) 105e Domina FINEST Propane Combi Excell Eurocombi SX 20 MFFICE
CB32 (CB32C CB32X) 80e Falcon Quattro Gold   Maxin  
C (C24 C27) 105 Domicompact       Ideal
  Bahama Hawk       Icombi
  Main         Esprit
  Duo-Tec         ProCombi Exclusive

Note: wiring harness not included

Digital replacement also available




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Will it fit an old Grasslin Towerchron T2002 timer? If so that will solve my problem.
I'm afraid I don't have any information on the clock used in that old programmer.
Hi,I have a Grasslin timer: FM/1STU 01.76.0017.1 which is on a chiller compressor, do you know if your timer will be a good replacement?
Hi. Yes it will.
Will this fit my Grant combi 90 v3? Diehl type 880 230v 50 hz currently fitted.
Yes it will.
Will this timer work/ fit with a Gem domestic 95 oil boiler
I'm afraid we have no information on that boiler. If you can send a photo of the back in the existing timer we will confirm.
Will the timer fit Ideal esprit eco 30 Thanks
Yes it will.
Hi.I am looking for a timer/programmer to replace the timer/off/on switch in my Worcester Heatslave 2. model G50 deluxe free standing boiler, any help would be appreciated ( not a combi boiler)original switch is a Horstmann, but does not have a part number on it. May be a timer not the same,but will substitute for it Many thanks Stewart
Please email us a photo of the switch you are replacing and we will check compatibility.
Yes. You will need the adaptor plate in the related items tab.
I have a Grant Euroflame Oil Boiler with a timer switch which is a DIEHL Type 880 230v 50Hz. It has 4 terminals at the top rear with slide on connectors. Will the above be suitable as a replacement? Thanks
Yes it would.
I have a MYSON APOLLO B40 boiler. Clock says DIEHL 880 (220v) T85 Will this fit into the programmer kit so I can solely change the timer clock? Thanks
Yes it will.
Hi. It's good for minima mx2 ? Cheers
Hi. I'm afraid not.
No harness on new boiler Baxi 630 how would you wire it up from scratch
I'm afraid it is not suitable for the Baxi 630.
My clock on my boiler is not working so I can't put heating on timer would this fitting just replace old one it's states electrical harness not included what's all that about
As long as it is the clock on one of the listed boilers, it will replace the existing one. You will not need a new harness it will fit the existing one.
Would this work as timer for a swimming pool pump system (not combi)? Currently have a DIEHL T85 MIII type 880 230v which is now not working.
Yes it will.
Will this timer fit Ariston Microgrnus MFFI? The timer has the part number: Fm/1 QRTUZH 02.76.0126.1
I'm afraid not.
Is this compatible with a Ariston ClAS HE EVO? Thanks
I'm afraid not
Will this fit an Ariston E-Combi 24?
I'm afraid not.
Will this fit a rehema avanta
Yes it will.
Will this fit a Baxi Duo-tec HE A Range combi boiler
Yes it will.
Will this timer fit Ariston ACO 35 MFFI Combi Boiler?
Will this fit a Ferroli Modena 80 E
Yes it will.
Will this fit an Alpha 280E,the one fitted has the id.FM/1 STUZH and number 01.76.5062.1,however when I go to Alpha' web page it shows the replacement part 6.1000201,I would appreciate any advice.
Yes it will.
Will this fit a grant combi 70v3 on the back of are clock it says diehl 230v 50hz typ 880
Yes it will.
Would this fit an alpha cd25c?
Yes it will.
Will this fit a Glowworm Betacom 24c?
I'm afraid not.
do you have Mechanical 7 day timer for an Alpha cd50 and if so how much incl VAT cheers F De Marzo
This one is suitable. Please see the product page for current pricing.
Sorry I forfot to give you the model Glow-worm 30cxi
I'm afraid it is not suitable for your boiler. I would suggest a programmable thermostat as your best option.
Hi, would this clock fit the Ariston 24 E-Combi. Regards Peter.
I'm afraid not.
Hi There, Would this fit an Alpha InTec 24X combie? Also, can you please confirm if this will require a wiring harness? Many thanks
Yes it will fit your boiler. If you are simply replacing the timer, you will not need the harness as you can re-use your existing one.
would this be the right timer for a Main Eco Elite combi boiler? Thanks
Yes it would
Hi would this fit an old potterton performs 28 I! Thanks??
Yes it will.
will this timer fit a ferroli modena 80e?
Yes it will.
Fit and work with a Baxi duo tech 28 combi? many thanks
Yes it will.
Hello will this fit Heatline Sargon 30. many thanks. Keith
No, I'm afraid not. I would recommend a programmable thermostat instead as the timer for that boiler is very expensive.
Would this timer fit a worcester 24i rsf combi thanks.
No it won't. It would be cheaper to fit a programmable room stat.
Would this timer fit a Heatline Vizo 24 please?
No. The Heatline timer is quite expensive. It is best to fit a programmable thermostat instead.
Hi will this fit an Ariston micro combi 23mffi? Thanks
No it wont.
I have a worcester R25& 30 combi boiler the timer looks similar to this one will this one fit? or do you have one in stock that will ? Derek
This one is not suitable for your boiler. The timer for you boiler is very expensive, so I would recommend changing your room thermostat for a programmable thermostat instead.
I got a optima 701 will it fit ?
As long as it is a Optima, and not a Optima HE, then it will fit.
Would this timer fit a Ariston 47-116-16 bolier please?
No I'm afraid it wont.

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